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    1969 Bird Duck Handle Bars & Forks

    I’ve been looking all through Craigslist list and Facebook market place for a bit and I can’t find these bars for my bird project. If anyone has these bars please let me know. I’m looking to pay around $50. Only PayPal goods and services. I hope I’m using this section right
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    5hp briggs and 1969 bird questions

    I have a project ive been working on lately its a 1969 duck bird. I just recently got a old 5hp flathead briggs that I was super exited to use as its engine as ive really only used predators before and I thought it would be perfect for my vintage project. It was kinda a fast thing I saw the...
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    How much should I pay for a used 5hp briggs and stratton.

    There's a listing on craigslist listing for a 5hp briggs and stratton and it looks decent the guy said $60 and its mine it starts on starter fluid he said but then dies so its probably a carb issue. Is this a good price and will it be a cheap fix?
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    1969 Bird Mini Bike Forks And Questions.

    I have a 1969 Bird Mini Bike and that i'm restoring and I have some questions. The way that i got it in the forks are definitely not the way they should be they looked chopped and there are weird tubes welded to it and basically I need a new fork for the bike. I cant find a fork that is the same...
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    Seat Shock For 1969 Chopper Mini Bike?

    I'm looking to restore what I believe to be a 1969 Bird Chopper mini bike. I'm having trouble finding the right shock for the seat and the right type of seat for the bike if the seat needs to be specific. Does anyone know what it is and able to help me out. I have a picture of the brochure of...