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  1. 2old2care

    WTB - Old style Baja warrior metal fenders

    Anyone have a set of the old steel Baja fenders laying around ? Please let me know. Thanks.
  2. 2old2care

    Trailmaster front forks for a Baja MB200 / Warrior ?

    Has anyone converted a Baja MB200 to Trailmaster front forks ? The front shocks on the ratty Baja I recently acquired are totally frozen / locked- No give at all. Left out in the rain with missing dust seals, I guess. I have a feeling they're going to be rebuildable, even with new seals, so I'm...
  3. 2old2care

    Electric start Baja ?

    So, y'all now have got me interested in these things - I picked up a somewhat ratty Baja Warrior, yesterday, for a project I now have in mind. It was pretty cheap, but also pretty neglected, and / or hard used - It is mostly complete, except for the obvious missing light. It did come with an...
  4. 2old2care

    Tires for a sandy road ?

    OK - I've been riding my CT200U for a little while now, and I'm wondering if I might need some better tires. As I said in previous thread, my daily ride is 1/4 mile out and back on a sandy road - The road is basically a couple inch deep layer of loose sand over a harder base. There are firm...
  5. 2old2care

    New to me Colman CT200U - Sudden clutch lock up ?

    Hi y'all - My first post here . Bought a 2016 CT200u a couple days ago - It has a totally stock 196cc engine, with pretty low mileage, and actually in really nice shape. I changed the oil, adjusted the valves, cleaned and gapped the plug - The engine runs like a champ, starts on the first pull...