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    Estate Sale Find #3

    I checked out the Trail Horse pictures in the Media section and it definitely has some similarities, but the engine plate on mine has 4 slotted holes and the Trail Horse has 8. The axle mount tabs on the Trail Horse pictures I saw are bent in a "Z" shape, whereas mine are straight tabs. The...
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    Estate Sale Find #3

    This one has a Nova adjust knob on the handlebars, but a buddy of mine says that he believes that the frame is not a Nova. Not sure what it is. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
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    Estate Sale Find Bike #2

    This one I have a little info on. The badge on the forks says Tiger Cycles. I have found extremely little info online on this brand. Does anyone have any other info? Thanks in advance!!
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    Estate Sale find #1

    Before I start this post, I want to introduce myself. I have been a watcher on this site for years and have learned a ton of info. There's lots of smart folks on this site. I've been a hot rod guy for decades, and recently retired from a 30yr career in aerospace. I'm busier now than I ever...