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  1. smallbikes88

    need Fuji Go Devil carb parts or whole

    I am currently trying to get this go devil going but I am missing parts inside of the carb, if anyone has anything or a full carb I will buy!!!
  2. smallbikes88

    Any street legal riders in the cleveland area?

    ok I started a page on facebook so we can all get together for rides or meets? let me know if you want in. doesn't matter what you ride as long as its street legal!
  3. smallbikes88

    old school minibike show Ann Arbor?

    is this show still happening? I haven't heard anything about it yet and I know its usually at the end of april?
  4. smallbikes88

    anyone have one of these? heathkit?

    just picked this up and I know its a factory minibike mower but does anyone have a running one?
  5. smallbikes88

    4.10-4 Carlisle Knobbies

    20 shipped??
  6. smallbikes88

    Cleaning House Sale

    how much for the heathkit?
  7. smallbikes88

    Trailsport Bobber minibike runs great new tires

    I have had this bike for awhile and its a great rider but I am thinning my heard, it starts up and has a lot of power but could use a carb cleaning, seems to want to idle low until you give it gas. its adusted now so it stays on but the idle is a little high, at least for my tastes? it might be...
  8. smallbikes88

    bonanza mb200 with fox lemans racing wheels

    I will sell the frame separate from the wheels for 175 plus shipping
  9. smallbikes88

    bonanza mb200 with fox lemans racing wheels

    selling as a roller, comes as you see it. It was running fine but I have another frame I want to build so I am letting this one go. all it needs is a motor, pm me for a shipping quote, first $300 gets it.
  10. smallbikes88

    Rupp TT500 #2!

    The front wheel and front fender came off the parts frame right? Looks like the xl-350. the front fender will not work with the bigger tire that the tt500 had.
  11. smallbikes88

    1970 sl 100

    wouldn't happen to have the side covers?
  12. smallbikes88

    Portland, IN Vintage Motor Club Swap Meet 2015

    This year sucked because of the rain, still people were not turned away from coming. I picked up some nice things and helped Jeep out, it was a good time but next year hold the rain!
  13. smallbikes88

    1972 Manco TrailCat... RESTORED!

    that's a beauty! is it gonna be at windber?
  14. smallbikes88

    Bonanza mb200

    one more bump before windber, If you want it let me know. I will not bring it to sell there.
  15. smallbikes88

    Bonanza mb200

  16. smallbikes88

    Bonanza Mx roller will deliver to windber

    Sold see you at windber!
  17. smallbikes88

    The real deal Mark Rogue original

    I am pretty sure the front guard is stock, the cover over the clutch just comes off and is not bolted to the frame, it uses hose clamps, and the engine is a 3.5hp techumseh? need money for windber I can bring it but don't wanna bring it home!
  18. smallbikes88

    Bonanza mb200

    400 delivered to windber?