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  1. Mountain Gote 54

    BearKat Twister for Sale Predator 212cc on stock frame

    Stock frame, complete with new drive, driven & belt. 212cc Hemi motor with cross over exhaust pipe (for belt clearance). Newer rubber. Custom seat and strong cross frame foot pegs installed for better riding position. Located in central Arizona... Would prefer a Manco Big Cat as...
  2. Mountain Gote 54

    Super Bronc Front Wheel Brake Unit - I'm Looking

    Seeking a front wheel brake setup...
  3. Mountain Gote 54

    Manco BigCat Available? I'm looking....

    I'm in Arizona and looking for a good condition and fairly complete BigCat..
  4. Mountain Gote 54

    Super Bronc Value??

    Can one of our experienced Super Bronc watchers help me in determining the approximate value of a complete Bronc...? All the parts are there, in good condition, fully assembled, just needs the usual carburetor service, freshen up, etc... I appreciate any comments.... M Gote
  5. Mountain Gote 54

    I call it The Fat Mook

    A sincere shout out to Eric @ OldMiniBikes for all the parts support on the fat bike... He always has the correct answer then backs it up with parts or resources! After I experiment with steering angles, and do a mock-up run, I have two more customs to go and a pile of new stuff to unbox soon so I can...
  6. Mountain Gote 54

    Briggs & Stratton 14000 series Updraft Carburetor

    Excellent condition 95.00 + shipping Location SW Arizona
  7. Mountain Gote 54

    any body like this project custom?

    custom scrub brake with rubber add-on pad, solid rear axle, comet 30 TAV via jackshaft with Tillotson 212R power, flip seat, wood rear deck, expanded floorboards, aluminum body sides and custom paint ( ya have to have vision) Haven't decided on tire types yet. OldMiniBikes Warehouse parts
  8. Mountain Gote 54

    Looking For Name of this frame

    I have looked almost everywhere in forums, sites, etc... Can't locate the manufacturer of this odd-ball frame. It has square tube forks, a very wide motor base plate - almost to the point of running boards, and a "super large diameter" steering head! any ideas folks? I'd like to discover the...
  9. Mountain Gote 54

    Briggs and Stratton Vintage Motor Spare Updraft Carb for sale

    Asking 195.00 great compression - well taken care of. Ran fine when stored. Central valley of Arizona. Have spare updraft carb, $75.00 rear wheel with sprocket $45.00 as well in addition to old frame - need new bars $100.00 Rare front brake unit - complete $85.00 call or text only 602 566 3595
  10. Mountain Gote 54

    BS Motors for sale

    Two good compression motors for sale , one brand new never run HF 301cc with pump, plate and custom header. TG front brake unit, fork, misc wheel, etc... Hardly ever check the site.. best to text or call 602 566 3595
  11. Mountain Gote 54

    Twister Tote Gote Custom Hybrid with Twister forks, New Predator 301 cc all parts included - Arizona Trade for Coleman ct200U

    Needs cables connected, minor assembly to finish. Has custom fabricated header with silencer insert, custom professional fabbed frame motor mount and structural relocation tubing, new front tire, clutches are excellent, Includes new fuel pump, lines, motor mount plates, vacuum fittings -...
  12. Mountain Gote 54

    Twister? ATV? Does it float?

    Hi All, Finally got the Fat Bike on it's wheels today... Next is shimming the external driveline, mounting the handlebars and connecting a new band brake prior to launching down a steep driveway to check the steering geometry before putting some power on it.. Lastly, I hope to have some time to...
  13. Mountain Gote 54

    Tote Gote Frame Only

    Hi All, My second Gote to go is an unknown model year, although I believe it has a 760 front end with the original twist throttle... There is one jack shaft included and the two wheels as you see it. The original set of front forks comes with, however they have a funky-welded set of...
  14. Mountain Gote 54

    BearKat Twister / Complete Project and Parts

    Hello All, I am attempting to gain more space and several pending projects must go.. Twister as pictured, complete frame, seat board (needs new wood) and metal attachment pieces, fuel tank, glass bowl pieces, spare swing arm with sprockets, (original short and extended wheelbase) Two B&S motors...
  15. Mountain Gote 54

    Twister in parts...

    Just unearthed several parts and threw this basic frame together. The forks came from the frame I am converting to the fat tire bike as did the rear swing assembly... hoping to make something of it once fat tire bike is off the bench. Funny thing, B/S motor has a "Sears" decal on it. Last photo...
  16. Mountain Gote 54

    BearKat Twister - Build Almost Complete

    Hi Everyone, I have been focusing on my son's Twister while I try to figure out some technical angles with the fat-tire Twister I've been working on... Here's a photo of Luke and the bike with just small assembly details to go. We did the point-less ignition on the B&S motor while we had it...
  17. Mountain Gote 54

    Bearkat Twister Chain/Sprocket Sizes

    Hi, Can anyone confirm that the Bearkat Twister has a #50 size main drive chain/sprocket and a #35 jackshaft - secondary drive chain/sprocket? Thank you
  18. Mountain Gote 54

    Modified Tote Gote Project - White Mountain Region Ariozna

    Hello all, First time member here starting a 301cc powered Tote Gote project with BearKat Twister front forks adapted, custom band brake, exhaust, modified seat and several more tricks as the project grows. I welcome positive input and can fabricate anything with a partnership with Affordable...