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  1. AK Racer

    Scatter Shield?

    For safety precautions has anyone here installed a scatter shield around their engine or under the seat just in case things go awry?
  2. AK Racer

    Taller tires

    I was thinking, I really need to replace my back tire, it's getting pretty bald now, especially on the edges because I like to lean a lot into the corners. It would actually be nicer if the bike sat up just a few more inches, or even just an inch. I have scraped my foot pegs a few times and...
  3. AK Racer

    So I went to the gym today..

    .. and when I was walking in I noticed chained up to the bike rack was a completely bone stock red Doodlebug. I thought to myself "damn, if I see that here more often, I am gonna have to chain mine up with the motor swap right next to it" hehe. If he only knew, that it could be much better...
  4. AK Racer

    Fixing flats

    My rear tire on my Db has had a very small leak these past few weeks, I've narrowed it down to a tiny little pin hole, doesn't look like anything is in it though. I tried some fix-a-flat in it, and when I am not riding it is sealed ok. But once I start riding it starts to seep out again...
  5. AK Racer

    Anyone ok with their stock disc brakes?

    Mine never seemed to grab very well, hardly at all. With the new 6.5 going in soon, I knew something would have to be done about this. I have thought of getting the hydro brake kit, but before that I thought I'd tinker with the stock brake and see how well it performed. Well, whoever put...
  6. AK Racer

    Las Vegas Minimoto SX, largest in the world!

    Anyone plan on attending this? It's the largest mini bike supercross in the world, they have televised it the past few years. I'm gonna attend, but there's no way I'm gonna run my blitz with these bad boys haha.. Geico Powersports MiniMotoSX
  7. AK Racer

    Gapless Piston Rings?

    I know that in the automotive industry, some guys go with gapless piston rings for a higher compression ratio. Is that possible on a small engine like the 6.5? Or would the compression just be too much. Also, does anyone install super thin head gaskets to achieve the same results?
  8. AK Racer

    Wen Power 6.5 engine

    I was checking out this "Wen Power" 6.5 engine on Craigslist, and it looks like a Honda clone to me.. does it look like it's got the right type of gas tank to fit in a DB30? I sort of like that it's red, it'd match my DB30 perfectly. 6.5 HP ENGINE NEW
  9. AK Racer

    Max Governed RPM on a stock DB30

    Just curious what the max rpm is on the little 97cc is with it governed. I'm trying to plug some stats into the go-kart racing calculator to see what kind of differences it makes with different tooth counts at the motor and the rear wheel. So far I got 11 tooth engine gear, 70 tooth axle...
  10. AK Racer

    Anyone in Las Vegas?

    Just wondering if there were anyone else from the Las Vegas area? I have a Baja Blitz (Doodlebug). Took it out to the dry lake bed a few days ago, that was a blast until I popped the rear tire and it came off the bead.. She's all fixed now and ready to go again!