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    Heald VT 5

  2. useng1

    Heald VT 5 I haven't been on this site since the grandson got his drivers license several years ago. Wanted to let you all know I have this minibike on Craigslist. I hope I have posted properly.
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    Any electricians here? need advice

    Your sub panel needs its own 8 foot ground rod and maybe two at least 6 feet apart. Top of rods 1-2 feet below ground level. Sub panel box must have a separate ground bar for all the bare ground wires to attach to. Ground bar must be connected to the ground rod/rods via a #6 bare ground wire...
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    Windber Donations

    Sent mine.
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    WTB pair of original Rupp Roadster 2 shocks in working condition

    Great, pic showed up.
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    WTB pair of original Rupp Roadster 2 shocks in working condition

    Are these what you are looking for. I was told they are Rupp. Don't know what model. I don't know if you can get a pic from this. I went on search and think I followed directions.
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    NOS NEW OLD STOCK Super Bronc Speedometer Cable

    I need one as well.
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    CHIBI - Rockford Mini Bike

    Years ago, Certified Parts in Wisconsin(Janesville?) was the parts distributor. They may still be.
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    Math Question ...

    The variation should not change with sprocket diameter change so long as the number of teeth stay the same. The chain pitch would change. Now if you are talking about belt drive with no teeth, then diameter changes cause variation in output speed.
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    Math Question ...

    We know it will go faster with the 25t front sprocket, so the ratio is 25/24 x65=67.7 mph Man, this stuff is hard. College was 55 years ago, but I think I'm right. Simple % change, 25/24
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    Heald VT2 frame

    pm sent
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    VT-8 fork spring

    That is about right on price. I had a company lined up a couple of years ago to make 12 springs at $30 each. No one wanted to pay that much.
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    Minbikes in Hot Rod

    Current issue of Hot Rod has a minibike article on page 16.
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    Going to Ohio.

    Bellville is a bit of a drive. Look at Luna Pier Super 8. It is at Exit 6 on I-75 Probably 12-15 miles away. Possibly less than Bellville.
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    Going to Ohio.

    Monroe has some decent motels. In the summer, it is a popular destination for fishermen on weekend and full week trips. I believe most are at Exit 15 on I-75 You should be able to Google "Monroe Mi Motels"
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    Going to Ohio.

    When you get done at Fermi, you will glow in the dark. You will be like a night light around the house.
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    super bronc parts

    You are looking for a very rare Santa. Heald fenders are virtually non-existant if they are not on a minibike.
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    What kind of nut is this?

    They were made specifically to pilot in a hole and be welded. You could make your own by getting an "extended" nut from the hardware and doing some lathe work. Probably get 2-3 from each long nut. The long nuts are the ones they sell to connect 2 pieces of ready thread together.