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  1. OND

    Michael Clements Sr. RIP

    Loss of another Legend today . RIP my Friend
  2. OND

    Merry Christmas OldMiniBikes

    MERRY CHRISTMAS OldMiniBikes FAMILY ! Hoping all of my OldMiniBikes Family and Friends have a great Christmas . Praying for a better New Year !
  3. OND

    Duster/Cat Build

    Just something I been fooling around with . Duster frame bought off Ebay .
  4. OND

    Happy Birthday manchester1

    Happy Birthday Karen ! Make it a good one .
  5. OND

    WTB Duster MX Handle Bars

    Looking for a set of Duster MX handle bars . I think Cat handle bars might be the same . Let me know what you have and thanks in advance ! PM me with what you have .
  6. OND

    What is it ?

    Can someone Identify this Cat frame for me ?
  7. OND

    What is It ?

    Need some help guys ! What frame is this ?
  8. OND

    Lil Indian Brake Caliper ( Reproduction )

    Like the title says . Not mine
  9. OND

    Lil Indian Brake Caliper

    OMG !
  10. OND

    Lil Indian Brake Caliper

    Looking for a Lil Indian brake caliper with 1'' center to center bolt spacing . Or a caliper with the same bolt spacing . PM me with anything you have , caliper or parts and pieces . Thanks in advance OND
  11. OND

    Can't find how to renew my membership

    I've done this for years.....but I can't find where to go to renew my membership !?!? HELP ...
  12. OND

    ( Wanted )H50 Blower Housing

    Looking for a decent Tecumseh H50 blower housing . Would like one that works with the electric / 12 volt starter . Thanks in advance .
  13. OND

    buckeye spotting

    Seen this old member this morning searching threw the new OldMiniBikes forum … Welcome back buckeye ! You don't look a day older either. lol
  14. OND

    Lil Indian 400

    I'm throwing my 71/72 Lil Indian 400 in the build off . Thanks for hosting this great event Dave !
  15. OND

    Happy New Year OldMiniBikes

    Happy New Year OldMiniBikes family and friends !
  16. OND

    *** Merry Christmas ***

    MERRY CHRISTMAS Merry Christmas OldMiniBikes Family ! Hope Everyone has a great time with family and friends . Please remember the reason for the season !
  17. OND

    Lil Indian , But what model and about year ?

    Posting for a fiend . Know its a Briggs frame and ID number is 39899 .
  18. OND

    What ?

    What is it ? Posting for a friend
  19. OND

    WTB Tecumseh 32605B Piston

    Looking for a Tecumseh HS40 piston .020 oversize , Tecumseh # 32605B or 35546 . Also need rings .020 over Tecumseh # 34856 .
  20. OND

    Wanted General Tires 4.10 / 3.50 - 4

    Looking for some General 4.10 x 3.50 - 4 tires . Used in good shape , NOS one or two , PM me with what you have . Pic is what the originals looked like .