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  1. minibikin'

    Thanks to member FloridaMiniBikes for a great transaction

    Just wanted to post a quick thank you to @FloridaMiniBikes for a smooth transaction of his Tec Motorsport H50 he sold me. David was honest, responsive and went out of his way to help me get this engine for a General Appliance Trail Blazer project I'm stockpiling parts for. We all see the threads...
  2. minibikin'

    Happy Birthday DerekbMN

    Happy birthday buddy!
  3. minibikin'

    General Appliance suspended roller

    Looking for a Trail Horse or Trail Blazer with front and rear suspension. Hopefully close to PA to avoid shipping, but willing to discuss other options as well. PM me please...
  4. minibikin'

    Member Steve Durham passed away...

    Long time member and historian Steve Durham passed away. I read this on Facebook and it appears it was a battle with Covid compications. RIP sir...
  5. minibikin'

    Shout out to Joe51

    Just wanted to give a thank you to @Joe51 for the honest business we did last week. I know he has been an upstanding member on OldMiniBikes and has done many things for the hobby. I wrote him concerning a purchase I wanted to do with him but was leary due to the fact he doesn't use Paypal. He was...
  6. minibikin'

    Heathkit RC car....

    I know some members here are into vintage RC like me. This may have been discussed before but I do not recall it. I never knew Heathkit made RC cars in all of my years racing and collecting. Pretty pimitive but that's why I dig them so much!
  7. minibikin'

    WTB Sensation Mike Bike frame and fork

    Anyone have a lead? I bought a frame and fork for a good friend sight unseen. Unfortunately it's a pile and I really want to start him out with something better. I don't need wheels or an engine, just the frame and forks. Let me know if you can help and are willing to ship. Thanks, Chad
  8. minibikin'

    WTB: Taco 44 axle adjuster

    Need one Taco 44 axle adjuster. Doesn't have to be pretty, just functional. PM me if you can help please...
  9. minibikin'

    WTB - Briggs 3hp tank and carb in white

    Looking for a pulse a jet carb (pull choke) and gas tank in white for a 1970 Briggs that I have. Both need to be in good survivor condition. Message me if you can help. Thanks!
  10. minibikin'

    I know it’s a Lil Indian but....

    So I picked up this Lil Indian I really don’t need thanks to pomfish. Seems to me that the bike is a 1965? Early clutch cover, brake caliper and so on. However the shroud is stamped with a serial of 68 as the first two digits. I’m am sure the long block is original to the bike. It has the...
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    Happy Birthday BonanzaBadBoy

    Wishing my son Andrew a very Happy 16th birthday. He’s not so little anymore standing next to me about 2” taller!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. minibikin'

    Manco Trailcat Parts

    Lookin for a tank, decals and sprocket. Please PM me... Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. minibikin'

    Trail Horse dual foot peg rider for sale

    Many people have tried to buy this the last few years and the time has finally come to let it go. Life is taking me in a different direction with my sons Model T Coupe build. Trail Horse with dual foot pegs from the factory(1 of 3 that I know of). ‘73 cooper 5 hp Briggs. Engine had low hours...
  14. minibikin'

    Another hot rodder is born

    Hey guys and gals, Just wanted to post an update of what’s been going on. Many of you know my 15(soon to be 16) year old son Andrew aka BonanzaBadBoy. He’s been interning with a good friend of mine for about a year and a half now learning welding, metal fab and traditional hot rod building...
  15. minibikin'

    Yesterday’s Lil Indian catch

    Well, not really a catch. Those of you who follow my Pullstarter’s FB page saw the video most likely. An old friend of 30+ years calls me up and says “I have this old Minibike from when I was a kid. Are you interested?” Duh! Took a drive to see him yesterday morning. He’s owned a local VW parts...
  16. minibikin'

    Square Chopper sighting

    Shout out to my home boy Square Chopper for meeting up today. This guy is like my brother from another mother!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. minibikin'

    NOS Briggs Raptor

    NOS Briggs Raptor 5hp. Never had fuel or oil. Carb was removed and prepped for methanol use. Exhaust port and carb were sealed while stored. Shelf dirt as seen in photos... prefer local pick up. $250. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. minibikin'

    Happy Birthday SquareChopper

    Hope you see this and have an awesome Birthday!! Miss you around here! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. minibikin'

    Bonanza BC1200/1300 frame and fork

    Have a BC1200/1300 frame and fork for sale. Very straight with original paint visible. There is putting on the rear upper shock mounts and a few other places. Forks have new lowers and internal springs. Rear shocks are free. Swingarm is clean. Headlight is complete but pitted badly. Original...
  20. minibikin'

    Tecumseh H50 with lighted parts

    1972? H50. Engine came from a snow blower. I bought it non running. I added the carb and it fired first pull. This was approximately 4 years ago. I wanted to convert it to a Minibike/lighted engine. I bought the wrong taper flywheel the first time. I now have the correct flywheel and coils for...