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  1. Triley41395

    Name That Mini!!!

    I'm going to guess Nova, but the wheels(Azusa I think)were used on different bikes.
  2. Triley41395

    Current Tecumseh Engine "Sham" on ebay

    That could very well be the case. I just bought an 11 hp briggs(HS50)and that was the case for me. Some sellers don't research what they sell.
  3. Triley41395

    Trisport project done

    Great job on that. Do you need another son in law?
  4. Triley41395

    Head gasket issues

    I agree with what you're saying about the all thread. I know what the studs look like on a car but I've never built on of these small engines so I had to ask. It's the threads on both ends that could cause a problem, or should I say the lack of threads in the middle. Most of the parts are made...
  5. Triley41395

    Head gasket issues

    Make sure your not bottoming the nuts out on the threads. A friend of mine built a small block chevy and replaced the head bolts with studs. After it was finished it made it about 15 seconds on the dyno then boom blew the head gasket. Turns out the studs were about .02 thousands to long, the...
  6. Triley41395

    Having trouble identifying!

    Just a guess but a Bonanza kit 500, I have one that Marcus ID for me about a month ago.
  7. Triley41395

    Doodlebug db30 build advice needed

    I don't really do any hills and only a little off road. Most of my riding is on the pavement. Never used a torque converter yet,, I prefer a centrifugal clutch. I'm not doing anything special to this bike, no paint or much of anything. I bought a tiller that has a good running predator but bad...
  8. Triley41395

    Doodlebug db30 build advice needed

    You don't have to do some of the things I said then, I thought it was a DB30 like the ones I pictured. I'll be putting a predator on one like your pictures this weekend.
  9. Triley41395

    Doodlebug db30 build advice needed

    Your photos are of a different style doodlebug than I posted. Do you have the style that's in your pictures?
  10. Triley41395

    I’m just very curious….

    I'm curious too....Who's Dave and also who's Dave.
  11. Triley41395

    Head gasket issues

    I'm just curious are your head studs all thread or threaded on both ends?
  12. Triley41395

    Doodlebug db30 build advice needed

    Yes, we use the stock 35 chain and sprocket. You have to bend the frame where the rear fender mounts about an inch to get a predator to fit. Not sure if you will have to bend if you use the mount plate but I'm also not sure that you will have room for that plate. We drilled new holes in the...
  13. Triley41395

    Doodlebug db30 build advice needed

    Phone GPS says 35-40 ,I'm 150lbs
  14. Triley41395

    Doodlebug db30 build advice needed

    We just use the stock predator exhaust, only problem it melts the back fender a little. If you put on a header pipe with no muffler and you live in town, expect to get hassled by the police. The stock exhaust is much quieter. A 12 tooth max torque will work just fine, I would avoid the cheap...
  15. Triley41395

    B.A.T. is rocking this week

    Good looking bike right there. Did they come with a grab bar from the factory?
  16. Triley41395

    1960's Arco mini in NC

    Says firm on the price. Maybe-maybe not. I think price has a lot to do with region/area your in. That bike would probably sit for that price in my area.
  17. Triley41395

    ST100 in Ohio for 200.00

    PM sent
  18. Triley41395

    HS40 convert to lighted

    I definitely don't know much about lighted motors but I can tell you that my flywheel and coil/stater are from a 1982 H50 troy built tiller
  19. Triley41395

    HS40 convert to lighted

    Not wrong this time, went and looked, it's an H50
  20. Triley41395

    HS40 convert to lighted