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  1. dwp dan

    Joes mini bike reunion

    cv park 2nd annual event- dave miller will be there-joe revillo of taco mini bikes will be there mini bike there will be tacos and bonanzas there also guardrail dave dwp dan evil ed and more I think hot dogs too see you there sept 21st
  2. dwp dan

    want to buy bonanza 1300

    im looking for a 1300 bonanza must have new paint tires rems weels motor clutch chain I will pay the going market for it witch is 400.00 that's a lot of money that's the going price for mini bikes let me know
  3. dwp dan

    bc-1000 for sale

    I got it listed on e-bay ive got 2300 in it its never been riden reason the cops are always on my street its got a mx front end on it It not vintage but it looks good the reason im selling it is ive got my eye on a blue 1300 bonanza mine has a dave miller conceps frame complete roller mx crome...
  4. dwp dan

    71 rupp for sale

    i stell have a 71 rupp im selling it on creags list for 1000 ferm go to there site los angelas san fernando valley se pictures of it includes manual magizine sales tags original stickers all restored mint cond look at it send me your phone no i have 2700. into bike i need money for my other...
  5. dwp dan

    rupp hustler 71

    have a rupp hustler for sale 1500.00 have 2700.00 into it vintage old new stock hs40 moter 30 years old was in crate-every part of the bike has been restored mint condition -no i will not part out bike-call me at 818-293-0831 if interested this bike is vary clean dan ps see my pictures in...
  6. dwp dan

    want to buy back my old mini bike

    i sald this bike to dave he sold it to who ever bought it im willing to buy it back dwp dan sorry i sold it
  7. dwp dan

    rupp tank for sale 71 rupp

    have a rupp 71 tank with petcock evil ed lined the tank its orange and cherry red on the bottom clean no scraches or dents vary clean 50.00 you pay shipping email me dwp dan sunland calif
  8. dwp dan

    new taco hat and two stickers

    send me 45.00 and 5.00 for shipping i will ship to you dwp dan the hat is new the stickers are old send me a private mesage with your phone no i will call you i will send the stuff to you dan us post office money order ps i also have a rupp tank for sale orange and red ed sealed the tank i tried...
  9. dwp dan

    rupp tank for sale just had it lined by evil ed

    i have a rupp tank the orange one evil lined it for me good job i want 80.00 for it see my pictures also see it on al creaglist dwp dan no dents no holes no rust the paint was scraped in front of tank this is a 200.doller tank local pick up only in sunland calif only send me massage with your...
  10. dwp dan

    tires and tubes for rupp hustler and parts

    i have two new tires and tubes for a rupp hustler 10 inch street use brand new want 40.00 for all must pick up yourself sunland ca and a par of mx bars clean 10.00 7 foot of new 35 chain 10.00 4 new master links for 35 chain 4.00 hilard clutch new 25.00 exast for honda cx-200 with muffler...
  11. dwp dan

    71 rupp hustler restored

    i have a rupp hustler compleatly restored 10 inch dert tires new tubes and tires new rems orange bike and tank hs-40 moter new out of the box old stock mint 41 renthol chan-in new rupp seat with rupp logo on back new crome fenders rupp front and back new rupp jack shaft new renthal 41 chain new...
  12. dwp dan

    rupp parts for sale

    i have two brand new tires for street 10 inch i have the centers slots rim for 10 inch hustler i have mint rupp hustler-black-widow seat cover with snaps mint cond i have front fork rubber boots new for hustler or black widow i have crome kill switch i have grey kill switch all parts are...
  13. dwp dan

    gas shut off or petcocks

    does anyone make a good gas shut off valve not made in china or tiwan or some third world country the ones i see the seller says it fits a rupp a taco a bonanza its the small one with the round metal head ive cleaned them out removed the wire schreen used teflon tape on the threads it will work...
  14. dwp dan

    wanted bonanza db 1000 chain guard

    im looking for a chain guard for my dm 1000 looking for a metal one thanks dwp dan
  15. dwp dan

    bird duck for sale 450.00

    new honda gx160 never had oil in it new chain 35 hilard clutch new new coco brown powercoat new throutle triump with new cable disk brakes new new 6 inch tristar rems tubes tires new whole bike is restored cherry clean a steel need money 450.00 bottom price have over 1600.00 in bike last chance...
  16. dwp dan

    rupp 10 inch crome rims wanted

    i need the 4 crome rims halfs for a rupp hustlerthey are 10 inch i have the centers if the crome is exlent i will pay 75.00 for the four haves or will trade dwp dan
  17. dwp dan

    for sale bird duck or duck bird new mint 500.00

    im selling my bird duck see my pictures new everthind power coat frame fork new tires tubes rims 6 inch new everything i mean everything the moter honda 5 hp is new never had gas or oil in it no rust scratches on it no come and see it see my pictures on the site dwpdan
  18. dwp dan

    coco bird for sale 600.00 bucks

    im selling my bird , reason i need money its the one i sold to gardrail dave ive never run it new powder coat moter everything never seen gas or oil.i built it that it even expensive japeneze chain 35 new clutch not a scratch cherry new tires tubes rims cable drum brakeshave manual...
  19. dwp dan

    honda gx-200 compleate flyweel

    selling a gx.200 flyweel brand new with plastic fins complete 25.00 i its brand new never run i put a racing one on the moter also a brand new white gas tank from the moter no scratches or dents never had gas in it25.00 or both for 40.00 you pay shipping dwp dan im also selling my duck new...
  20. dwp dan

    taco 22 db for sale

    i sald i wanted a fair price for my bike well im going to make a exception and take half for it for 600.00 dollers you can buy my taco 22 with a rebuilt 3hp briggs flathead and a pancake tank this bike is cherry i mean cherry no screaches or dents compleate see my pictures i got in a jam it...