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  1. AldoA

    Front shocks the billion options.

    I've spent weeks and weeks looking into this and have discovered sadly nothing currently is produced? mb165, mb200, motovox, Honda wild money Z50 or something like that .. There's obviously a million ways to go, but I want to find the easiest and cheapest. The stock head stem likely has to go...
  2. AldoA

    New rides entry: 2014 Ssr 110>140>160 minus the engine Dx

    AldoA 2014 Ssr 110>140>160 minus the engine Dx Traded it for a 2011 MacBook pro. At the time it was actually a clutch less 110 with no rear master cylinder. I was dumb and went for it, but it's opened up a huge can of learning worms. It has extended 17" alum rear swing arm, dampening...
  3. AldoA

    New rides entry: 58 Chevy Apache

    AldoA 58 Chevy Apache Have just about everything to fully restore, but he's never gonna do it.. This is my friends with the mini bike. I just happen to have a bunch a pictures. And have done all known work on it too.
  4. AldoA

    New rides entry: 47 Jeep Willys

    AldoA 47 Jeep Willys 36x10.50's front Dana 44 rear 60 4.10Crossover power steeringChevelle 283 sm465 np205