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    First build, the "Jimmy Gote"

    Wow, can't believe it has been this long since I built Jlo. Still have it, still ride, never got the seat redone, lol. So far it has never let me down. But I really do not have a lot of miles on it. it spent the last two years in storage. built a new house, got married, semi retired now...
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    unwritten rules?

    My young hunting buddies were not around during the mini bike craze. They were somewhat impressed with my "jimmy gote" I built, but were saying I should have just bought a junk dirt bike, used those wheels and forks, and frame, and rebuild that motor or just buy a real dirt bike. I tried to...
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    wheel hubs

    I been looking at old Craftsman/Atlas lathes. Hopefully this next year I will have some time and money to spare. This last year has been ate up going thru probate, lawsuit, remodel. I was named in a will that had a few,, ummm issues. I think I paid to put at least one lawyer's kid thru college.
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    wheel hubs

    I did not drill the divots, I will next time I pull it apart. I did slather never seize on the axle in hopes it would not rust. then lock tight and lock nuts on set screws. hopefully the never seize doesn't screw with the lock tite. Yup I am hoping for a cleaner look. Was thinking of a kit. I...
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    wheel hubs

    I have 3 hubs, one for wheel, brake and sprocket. Each has 2 screws. I am using flange bearings (2) each have 2 screws. As overkill I added split spacers to make sure nothing moved, maybe not needed but I had them, each has 2 screws. So I ended up with I think 12 screws. All add a ding in the...
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    wheel hubs

    I did the 1" cart axle thing for my last build. Was easy to adjust, but man, a lot of set screws, and a real bear to take apart. I thought of welding everything together, but as built I need to pull the axle to remove the wheel. I was thinking of a tube that was over long, so to be cut to...
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    wheel hubs

    What I am looking for is an all purpose hub. One that will accept sprockets, wheels and brakes. Be way cool if the width was adjustable. Would really like to have a front brake on the Jimmy Gote and replace the rear hub at some point. I do not have access, yet, to a lathe. I do have some ideas...
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    Half speed clutch options?

    I am running one black spring and one,,,? hell I can't remember the color. One set seemed to engage at too high an RPM, other set took off at idle. One of each seems about right. Not sure how long they will last, but I do have another set!
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    Tav driven RED spring.

    Wonder if you could hook a torque wrench to it to see some numbers?
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    Tule Trooper Big Boy Build

    I really like the simple design of these bikes. I always wondered if they bend or tweek because they do not have enough support to the steering head. Does yours shows signs of reverse sway back?
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    plugging a tire

    Sometimes you need to patch the inside of tire before you install a tube. The original hole, if rough enough, can eat a hole in the tube. Sometimes just buffing the ruff spot works. Dragging a rag around the inside of a tire helps as it hooks on small nails, burrs, cactus thorns that can be hard...
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    plugging a tire

    Ok, a question I feel qualified to answer! Background,, I worked for 15 years or so on motorcycles, repaired countless tires. Later worked at and managed a tire shop where we did tires from wheelbarrows to backhoes. I have patched/plugged/replaced literally thousands of tires. Best way to repair...
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    Broke a 30 series driver

    One concern I have with your testing is the Chinese quality control. Most bought for the price Chinese stuff I have seen varies a lot from one to the other in quality. So no matter what your testing shows it may not be the same in the next batch of stuff. I would think the Comet brand would be...
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    Help W/ Torque Converter

    I am running a series 30 Chinese clone on my "Jimmy Goat". It has a 13 hp Honda clone motor and the complete bike weighs around 325 lbs. I did by a real Comet belt for it tho. So far it seems to be doing fine.
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    Restoring a Tecumseh - another way

    One option to welding is low temp brazing. A larger patch on the back, braze, filling with brass. Less heat, less warpage. Even solder, lead or silver would work. A lot of people I know that weld a lot ignore brazing. Not sure why as it does some things better than welding. But I also like your...
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    Feeler guage, compression tester for briggs engines?

    If you know someone with a set of micrometers, have them check the feeler gauges. We were sitting around one day and did just that. The results were a bit amazing. Some feeler gauges were off a bunch. Some it seemed like they used the same one for a couple thicknesses. .001 and .002 seemed to be...
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    Speedway Scarab project

    I would think with the angle on the motor plate a TC would fit pretty easy. On some you have to slice a piece off the TC backing plate, but with the angle you might not have too. You can not use the included mounting plate and make your own. Just keep the center to center distance the same as...
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    Straightening a spoked wheel

    Yes, I have trued a bunch of them over the years. Tape a piece of wire to the swingarm or frame, bent so it almost touches the rim. So you can see very small changes in the roundness of the rim. WD 40 the nipples first to loosen them up. Spend a couple bucks for a real spoke wrench. You can use...
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    Anybody have any experience with these Lifan 125cc engines on Ebay?

    I'm following this thread. I think my next build will be with one of these motors. A 212 motor, TC and or jackshaft, plus and hop up parts suddenly makes these motors look cheap and lightweight. The auto clutch would help make it easier to ride for newbys too. I think ground clearance and lower...
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    limiting heat distorsion

    I know a lot of pro shops used to, maybe still do, stress relief, shot peen, or heat in oven to relieve stress from welding. Anything a shade tree welder can do? Wonder if massaging it with an air hammer would help?