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    Johnny Law is coming for your MIni Bike

    To be honest, I'm not worried about Johnny Law coming for my bikes.....its LaQuan Thug I worry about stealing my bikes. O.J.
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    Need 9/16” bore clutch for Westbend 700

    Make a sleeve to increase crankshaft diameter to 5/8" them use a standard clutch. Max-Torque sells 5/8" clutchs, like Dave said. O.J.
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    Anyone going to Portland?

    Wendesday, Thursday, Friday seem to be the best days. O.J.
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    Anyone going to Portland?

    Will be making the annual trek over for sure. Here is a little view of years gone by. Portland VMBC 2019 Photo's | 2018 Portland Vintage Motorbike Club meet.....Damn | O.J.
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    Featherweight West Bend 580 engine

    The damage to the stuffer bolts could of happened when the WB factory accessory hot rod intake manifold was bolted on. That intake manifold allowed the use of the 610-820 reed cage. O.J.
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    Minibikes go karts flatrack motorcycle racing

    Would gladly give you $ 300.00 for that old Bultaco. :p Killer photos as usual Tom. Thanks. Merry Christmas.... O.J.
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    All good things must come to an end......

    I feel for you brother. Brought back memories of the same fate when our [playground] motocross track was sold for housing development. This song sums it up quite well. Three Tall Pines - Stone Walls - YouTube O.J.
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    California members best stock up on Predators/Hondas/Etc.

    The power grid in California is junk. Now they want you to plug your car and your mower into it..... what a bright idea [pun intended]. O.J.
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    Nice to work on a Big twin Harley again.

    A 'Shovel' is kinda like a Flathead, once they get in your hands they get in your blood. O.J.
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    Mini Bike wins top award at motorcycle reunion and show.

    Below is a link to the Trailblazers 76th reunion and a Taco minibike won the Peoples Choice award.. Quite a accomplishment considering all the fine motorcycle that were there. Scroll down thru the link for photos of the bike. The Trailblazers Motorcycle Club Banquet Under The Big Top – Jimmy...
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    I'm so old I can remember when...

    All we had was a Black and White TV and the cartoons I watched were good. O.J.
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    Lil Indian Econo Build..... kinda long

    Aaron, Axles are easy to make if have access to a lathe. Get some 5/8" bar stock, cut the length a bit over size so it just sticks out past the edge of the fork or rear chassis plates then drill and tap each end so a course or fine thread 1/2" bolt can be used. You want the axle initialy...
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    Lil Indian Econo Build..... kinda long

    Canuk, Yes, I used the factory slider sleeves. Unless you have your rear sprocket run out and your sprocket perfectly aligned in the caliper the sleeves are the way to go. They are kind of a bandaid to resolve any alignment issues but they work great and the brake has a nice feel to it at the...
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    Lil Indian Econo Build..... kinda long

    Not sure what the fenders are since they came with the parts package. I'm thinking Azuza. I did lower the fender mounting straps to get the rid of some of the dirtbike look that you get when you use 4" wheels. She is all engine for sure, especially after I removed the governor. O.J.
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    Lil Indian Econo Build..... kinda long

    One day as I was driving down the street heading over to my mother-in-laws house I noticed that it was trash day and there was a old brush mower sitting next to the neighbors cans for pick-up. Now this wasn't just any old parted out mower, it actually had a Briggs 5hp Flatty bolted to the frame...
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    Lil Indian help

    Great bike you have there especially with 4" mag wheels. I just built the same bike but with a Azuza seat. Didn't care about originality just build it for fun and I'll tell you, those 5HP in a small bike get up and go. O.J.
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    Vintage Motorbike Club meet 2021 Portland Indiana

    Karen, I agree with you 100%. Many in the club and many other attendees are very disappointed in the date change. July has been the traditional dates. The national Cushman meet is in Michigan the week before Portland and the VMBC board of directors feel that since people are fairly close by...
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    Vintage Motorbike Club meet 2021 Portland Indiana

    The grandaddy of all motorbike meets will once again be held June 16th thru June 19th. in Portland Indiana. This is the largest gathering of motorbikes, minibikes, and bicycles in the world. Ride, sell, swap,, it does not get any bigger or better then this meet. Meet will be held at...
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    RIP Tom Branham.

    Met Tom and LiL Tom at the Portland VMBC meet over 15 years ago and together with about 10 other guys we have been hooking every year for the annual week long meet so the passing of Tom is going to leave huge void. Tom was the life of the party. R.I.P. Brother..... O.J.
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    Holder Micro cycle

    Karen, Love the bike. There are some good tips in this video about welding a gas tank. Go to 1:45 mark. hummer key switch install on frisco tank O.J.