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  1. mid life crisis

    Alexander Reynolds EZ Rider

    Alexander Reynolds EZ Rider 1 in great condition. Engine, brakes, foot pegs, and hand grips are not original. Engine is a 1968 Tecumseh H35 (3.5hp) completely rebuilt and restored. Has less than 1 hour on engine. Not interested in shipping, but will help buyer with shipping. $1,950.00 Located in...
  2. mid life crisis

    Tecumseh hs motor dimensions

    Hello and good evening. I wanted to know if all Tecumseh hs motors have the same physical dimensions? More specifically, is a hs30 the same size as a hs50? Please advise. Thanks
  3. mid life crisis

    Engine recommendations for Acme chopper?

    Hello. I recently purchased an Acme chopper roller (small version) and I am looking for an engine that will fit the frame with little or no modification. Any suggestions. Please advise. Thanks.
  4. mid life crisis

    Mesinger Seat for Arco EZ Rider 1

    Hello, I am looking to purchase an original seat for an Alexander Reynolds EZ Rider 1 chopper mini bike. Any color would be fine. :thumbsup: I need the sissy bar pad too. thanks. Let me know what you have. mid life crisis
  5. mid life crisis

    Manco Streaker with a 97cc Predator?

    Hello friends. I wanted to know if anyone has ever installed a Harbor Freight Predator 97cc 3hp engine on a Manco Streaker? Will it fit with no modifications? Also, what centrifugal clutch fits this Predator engine? Any advice or feedback will be appreciated. Thanks in advance. mid life...
  6. mid life crisis

    Manco Streaker seat

    Hello, I am looking for an original seat for a Manco Streaker. I also need a clutch and chain guard. Let me know what you have. Thanks, Mid Life Crisis.
  7. mid life crisis

    Arco EZ Rider 1 project

    Hello everyone. I finally got my Arco EZ Rider chopper delivered. Thought I would start a project log for anyone interested. Bike is in great shape, just needs to be stripped down, sanded, painted, and reassembled. I am considering having the seat and sissy bar pad reupholstered. If anyone...
  8. mid life crisis

    Did Tecumseh make engines for Sears?

    Hello, I wanted to know if Tecumseh made engines to sell under the Sears brand name? Also, is a Tecumseh H30 the same exact engine as a Sears 143 721022? :confused: Please advise. Thanks. Nothing's ever easy...It's always something...
  9. mid life crisis

    Old mini bike newbie!

    Hello from snowy and icy Maryland. I am brand new to the Old Mini Bike forums. I have chosen mid life crisis as my user name for good reason. I don't have any mini bikes yet, but had a few when I was a kid. Now just looking to get some knowledge so I can make a wise purchase and do a project...