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    Loose Flywheel Nut on DB30R Stock 97cc Engine

    My pull start is out of commission and while waiting on the new assembly to arrive, I tried starting the engine using a cordless drill and 11/16 socket. The engine started up, but the nut on the impeller loosened up and caused the impeller to fall off while the engine was running. I tried...
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    2 year old Baja Mini Engine Problems

    My bike has sat all summer because the pull start was broken. Well I finally fixed it and when I went to crank it up, I cannot get it to start for the life of me. My friend was messing with it last year when all these issues happened and after he came back from a ride one day, the bike was going...
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    Looking for a Waterproof/UV Cover that fits DB30R

    Can anyone recommend a cover for the DB30R? I measured the length at 48", width at 24", and height at 36".
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    DB30 Oil Drain Plug Question

    Does anyone know what size the oil drain bolt is on the 97cc stock engine?
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    Can anyone tell me what frame this is and how much you would pay for it?

    I recently purchased a Baja DB30R and am now interested in building my own mini bike from scratch. My friend is selling this frame, but I have not been able to identify it online. Can anybody help? Also, how much do you think it is worth? He said it only has rust on the bottom rear of the frame.