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    HSSK40 vs. HSSK50

    I have two Rupp RR2's and have HS40, HS50 and HSSK50's (with larger HS40/50 exhaust valves) I did not find any difference in driving performance between them. I swapped the engines, carburetors and different tuning settings more than once trying to get the fastest one on my bike, the only...
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    Hs40-55356c nikasil plated cylinder

    The bikes are still in excellent condition and running good my purple R2 has the HS50 with iron cylinder, ARC rod, balanced, Dyno cam with good springs, custom oversize stainless exhaust pipe and Dellorto carb I really like the performance with that bike. We didn't get to ride them this year my...
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    Hs40-55356c nikasil plated cylinder

    Steel or iron sleeve? I had one of my HS-50 blocks iron sleeved it runs fine, I made a torque plate for finish hone.
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    HS40 RUPP part 2

    That's cool! A few years ago when my wife and I had our Roadster 2"s registered we would go to local car shows they were just as popular as the cars and we didn't enter them in the show.
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    HS50 crankshaft question.

    I have made extensions for short 3/4" diameter crankshafts before that worked fine, anyone make one for a tapered crank?
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    HS50 tecumseh - change exhaust valve size?

    Only about 2 years late for this reply, no I didn't run the HS-50 with the smaller exhaust valve I was looking for higher RPM's. I did build one earlier block HS-50 at the end of my Rupp projects had it iron sleeved, milled the head, Dyno cam, ARC rod, balanced, Dellorto carb, enlarged exhaust...
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    Quieter shop compressor

    Interesting idea, I have an Ingersol-Rand industrial T-30 with a filter/dryer/cooler system I have two different intake locations one in the shop for normal use and one up above the shop for a fresh air mash when painting big projects. The round air filter has been removed for less restriction...
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    Rupp TC Covers 70 - 75?

    That's what my notes have, I recently had someone say they were all the same. Thanks Tony
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    Rupp TC Covers 70 - 75?

    Anyone know if the Rupp minibike Torque Converter covers are the same for 70 thru 75? I have in my notes that 70 is a one year only I am trying to verify that. Thanks Tony
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    looking for a 245 dyno cam for my HSSK50

    Dyno charges a lot for a custom Tec cam, internet searches below for the Tec 36673k.
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    Dellorto UA19S Stock Main Jet Size?

    CFH Good info on the link site. Thanks Tony
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    Dellorto UA19S Stock Main Jet Size?

    Anyone know what the stock non-adjustable main jet size is for a Rupp Tecumseh Dellorto UA19S carburetor is? Thanks Tony
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    Rupp Tecumseh Custom 10 HP Engine Plus

    No longer available.
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    Rupp Tecumseh Custom 10 HP Engine Plus

    I still have it however I am considering keeping it.
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    Dellorto UA-19S Help

    The throttle cable clears the exhaust pipe by 1", the fuel line is off from draining the tank.
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    Block Machine Work

    Final Update Yesterday I took the Rupp out for a couple of mile ride speed was good I still had some oil blowing out the crankcase/valve cover vent and vibration issue was a little better. I changed the valve cover to the type with a rubber hose to see if that would stop the oil from blowing...
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    Tecumseh, Dellorto, slide carbs, Black Widow

    The price of a Dellorto UA-19S is high because few are available and for someone restoring a Rupp Black Widow or other that needs one to be original the price is what it is. Slide valve carburetors perform better on the top end and still work at low speeds unlike a throttle plate carburetor that...
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    Dellorto UA-19S Help

    cfh I setup that Dellorto a little different than a conventional Rupp this way it's cleaner and easier to use, that's the nice thing about those carbs they are somewhat universal. I bought the filter off ebay awhile back, going by memory I believe the filter opening is about 1-5/8", I turned...
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    Dellorto UA-19S Help

    I had the main jet from BWMS and made the rest of the parts, also made a less than 90 degree throttle cable tubing at the carb to clear the exhaust.
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    Dellorto UA-19S Help

    Delray When I was working on the ignition last week I moved the timing advance .045", I did get a couple of short rides in yesterday setting up the rotation stop and TC, running on the stock carburetor it pulled really well uphill. Last week the engine blew some oil out the crank case vent...