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    Mini Bike wins top award at motorcycle reunion and show.

    Below is a link to the Trailblazers 76th reunion and a Taco minibike won the Peoples Choice award.. Quite a accomplishment considering all the fine motorcycle that were there. Scroll down thru the link for photos of the bike. The Trailblazers Motorcycle Club Banquet Under The Big Top – Jimmy...
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    Lil Indian Econo Build..... kinda long

    One day as I was driving down the street heading over to my mother-in-laws house I noticed that it was trash day and there was a old brush mower sitting next to the neighbors cans for pick-up. Now this wasn't just any old parted out mower, it actually had a Briggs 5hp Flatty bolted to the frame...
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    Vintage Motorbike Club meet 2021 Portland Indiana

    The grandaddy of all motorbike meets will once again be held June 16th thru June 19th. in Portland Indiana. This is the largest gathering of motorbikes, minibikes, and bicycles in the world. Ride, sell, swap,, it does not get any bigger or better then this meet. Meet will be held at...
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    Minibike TT races from Florida

    Go to the 52:20 mark for the heat races. Go to 1:41:00 mark for the feature. Bikes and Quads 02 27 21 - YouTube O.J.
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    Used Lil Indian seat.

    Looking for a nice used Lil Indian seat. The seat pictured is the style I am looking for. Does not have to have the white piping. Merry Christmas..... O.J.
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    LiL Indian fork spring

    Looking fo a LiL Indian fork spring source. OEM or is there a substitute? O.J.
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    Just plain cool

    This is a series of videos on how one person is building a mini Flathead. The builders name is Maker B and this video will get you linked up with the complete build series. O.J.
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    Portland Vintage Motorbike Meet has gone Outlaw.

    The Vintage Motorbike Club has cancelled their annual meet in Portland Indiana due to Covid-19 concerns however a independent group has decide that the show must go on so they are holding a meet of their own on July 29 -August 1st. The only info that I have at this time is that there is a...
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    Portland VMBC 2019 Photo's

    Great meet, killer weather. Micro Clown bike Lil Indians More to come. O.J.
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    Portland VMBC National Meet and......

    The biggest little bike meet in the country, The Vintage Motorbike Club's 47th annual running at the Portland Indiana Fairgrounds will be starting in little over a week however if you want to arrive early and stay all week long like many do you can show up next Monday. Its not to late to make...
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    Mid Ohio Vintage Days July 5-7

    Once again Vintage Motorcycle Days will be returning to Mid Ohio sports car course in Lexington Ohio on July 5th-7th. Though not exactly minibike oriented you never know what might show up at one of the largest motorcycle swap meets in the world. If you attend make sure you bring a bike...
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    Just Hossing around.

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    Kenton Ohio Scooter Meet

    Don't forget Mid-Ohio Vintage days and the granddaddy of them all, The Vintage Motorbike Club Meet in Portland Indiana. O.J.
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    2018 Portland Vintage Motorbike Club meet.....Damn

    Once again the Portland Vintage Motorbike Club meet lives up to its reputation as the largest and finest gathering of all small wheel motorbikes in the world. Here is a few photos. Speedways anyone.... Stay tuned folks, there is more to come. O.J.
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    Mid-Ohio Vintage Motorcycle Days

    July 6-8th. is the Mid-Ohio Vintage Motorcycle days. There is something for everyone at this event. Ride, sell, buy, races, bike show and a whole lot more. O.J.
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    Vintage Motorbike Club meet in Portland Indiana

    The Vintage Motorbike Club of America will be holding their 45th annual meet in Portland Indiana at the Jay County Fairgrounds on July 20th thru the 24th. The gates actually open on or around July 17th for early birds and is open to all types of bikes from bicycles to minibikes to scooters to...