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  1. nightgrider

    Dual predator carb set up for my 67nova

    Or switch to a 6 inch cowl induction hood, grump lump, or various other hood scoop with adequate clearance. All would be an awesome set up. :cool:
  2. nightgrider

    Dual predator carb set up for my 67nova

    What engine set up is in your Nova? Depending on your heads and cam, the dual set up is probably going to be overkill for a street engine. Just one of those predator carbs can theoretically flow from 390-930 cfm. Though theoretically with the variable venturi they will only flow as much as the...
  3. nightgrider

    Does chain pitch/type come into play when calculating speed? Or just teeth?

    Like @ole4 said chain pitch doesn't matter. It is the sprocket tooth count ratio between drive and driven sprockets, drive sprocket RPM, and drive wheel diameter. So a standard mini bike gear/speed calculator works.
  4. nightgrider

    Rupp, Bonanza part? What is it.

    Not sure what it goes to, but it looks like the bezel for an exterior electrical connector. Like for a trailer or something.
  5. nightgrider

    Anybody have a shutdown routine?

    I just hit the kill switch, shut off the fuel, and walk away. Never had any issues.
  6. nightgrider

    Bird Baja Go Kart

    I need to get back on the go kart. I've got too many irons in the fire, but really do want to have the go kart up and tearing up the yard like the old days.
  7. nightgrider

    I got my aunt’s old Cheetah

    Don't give up on that engine. Those old flat heads are very robust. Sometimes it isn't even the piston that is seized. The pull cord retractor spring can brake and it'll bind. I had that happen on an old briggs I had and thought was seized. Once I took off the blower cover it turned over super...
  8. nightgrider

    Rascal Mini Bike Whoa!!!!

    Great progress. Glad you are having fun building a mini with your son. Getting outside and doing something with your hands while having fun is the whole point of the hobby. Keep up the good work.
  9. nightgrider

    High speed "Plan of (the seat pan) attack "

    Other things that usually throw off even experienced or claiming to be experienced motorcycle riders when riding a mini bike. Is a mini bike generally has smaller diameter tires and a shorter wheel base, which makes them handle differently than a larger motorcycle. Mini bikes are also a lot...
  10. nightgrider

    High speed "Plan of (the seat pan) attack "

    That's a pretty stout engine build. I underestimated my first mini bike when I was a kid and it had a stock 5 hp briggs. Gunned it from a dead stop it pulled a wheelie. Not sure why but in that split second I decided to just stand up. It shot out from under me, but I held to the handle bars, it...
  11. nightgrider

    High speed "Plan of (the seat pan) attack "

    People underestimate mini bikes all the time. They think because of their small size and "lawnmower" engines that they are just toys. Sorry to see your bike got damaged. I'm sure you'll have it fixed up in no time.
  12. nightgrider

    Freak-Bikes, Homemades, Customs, Frankenbikes & Oddballs

    I'm not even mad. I'm impressed. Lol
  13. nightgrider

    How would you restore these 3/8 x 16 threads

    Guess I got a little ahead of myself, I tend to do that. Is this going in a car/truck or is it for a mini/go kart? Or is it just a exercise in "what the heck see if I can fix it"? There are also knob adapters on eBay and other places online. Also if you aren't locked in on using a Hurst knob...
  14. nightgrider

    How would you restore these 3/8 x 16 threads

    You could cut the threads off, weld a new bolt on, grind to blend it back in, and have it rechromed. But honestly it would be cheaper to just replace the stick. There are online retailer's that just sell the sticks. It is marked with what model the stick is and you can use that to get an exact...
  15. nightgrider

    Electric start Baja ?

    That's honestly the best way to go. I only added the charging coils to my motor because it came with the bike. If I was sourcing a new engine, I would have done exactly what you did.
  16. nightgrider

    Electric start Baja ?

    Not sure about the 224. But on the older non-hemi 212's I used a Honda GX 3 magnet flywheel, 2 stator coils, and a voltage regulator to run lights on my mini bike. I made a bracket and mounted the...
  17. nightgrider

    High Speed Front Forks

    Bid now, bid fast. As fast as the high speed front forks. lol
  18. nightgrider

    Rear axle Dixie setup

    You are welcome.
  19. nightgrider

    Rear axle Dixie setup

    You are missing some chain tensioners one for each side of the rear axel. My guess is they would like be something like the picture below.
  20. nightgrider

    Mtd trail bike

    You are welcome.