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    Engine mounted on rear swing arm?

    I found a pic on Pinterest of a custom-fab'ed minibike with the 6.5 Predator mounted on a long swing arm. Besides eliminating chain to frame clearance issues what would be the pros and cons of the set up? Would engine torque cause the frame to flex at the hinge point when hitting the throttle...
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    FYI- I put an Alsport frame for sale in the classifieds.

    Just a heads up here since I think most people don't go there.
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    Alsport TS-130 (?) frame, tires, fiberglass body for sale or trade in North Atlanta, GA area. in

    Got too many projects. Alsport frame looks like it was extended either as a "wheelie bar" or for a larger engine. Whoever did it did a good job of welding and fabricating. Frame has surface rust but nothing deeper than that. The fiberglass shell is as you see it. You can fix it or use it as a...
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    Want to build a rock-climbing Phatty

    I have the urge to build a fat-tire mini-bike for climbing the very hilly woods around my house. Want to use a 6.5 Predator (of course) . Must need to be VERY torqy-not worried about speed. Something capable of 20-25 MPH will suffice. Probably will need a Comet 30 and jackshaft arrangement? What...
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    In northwest Atlanta, Ga-looks like a good price Compared to similiar trikes that I've seen around the 'net this looks like a pretty good deal for $450? Too bad I'm already too far on my own build to turn around and maybe get this. I have too many projects as it is. This looks...
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    Any danger in using lawn turf tires on my trike build?

    I want to use 20x10x8 lawn turf tires and rims from a tractor on my trike build. Tires are 2-ply. Any danger in using these tires? I don't anticipate going faster than 20 mph. Will be used mostly for trail and pasture ridng. I know there are alo 4-ply turf tires-maybe that would be a better...
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    So what's the largest tires practical with a 30 Series comet and 6.5 Predator?

    I'm in the beginning stages of planning my next project and I think I wnat to build something with high ground clearance, large tires from 22-25" in diameter, a 6.5 Predator and a Series 30 Comet torque converter. Looking at some of the gear ratio calculators out there I know 18" seems to be the...
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    Anybody tell who's fat tire mini-bike this is?

    I like the simple angular lines and it kinda has a steam punk look to it. Anybody knows who built this? Sorry for not posting the pic but I cannt get pic posting to work. Here is a link I found of it.
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    Pretty cool old 6x6 Allis Chalmers terra tigers
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    Carl Heald Trike rear suspension info request

    I think I'm going to modify the rear suspension of my TS-130 to be similiar to the Carl Heald Super Trike. I think the swing arm suspension is more compact than say the dune buggy style rear suspensions. Anybody have info on these or some good pics. I take it the frame attachment tube where the...
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    TS-130 front fork rebuild parts?

    So I disassembled the front fork assy on the Alsport TS-130 and everything is wollered-out. I mean everything. If it has a bolt through it-it basically is out of round and has a lot of slop. I can rebuild it but I just wanted to get it going on the road faster for the summer and would prefer to...
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    Somebody here might want this-Allsport rolling frame

    It's been off and on for sale for a year. The guy told me he is selling off stuff for his kids' college fund. He's pretty firm on the price.
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    Are swing-arm rear engine mount suspensions a bad idea on trikes?

    I'm thinking of making a swing arm rear suspension mount for my Alsport TS-130 and after chewing on it I'm wondering if it might not be such a good idea on the trike-type frame. After looking at the Trisports and other models with that funky independent rear differential shock mount system I'm...
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    Got an Alsport TS-130

    I need to replace wheel and fork bearings and bushings and need some direction in identifying them. Anybody point me to a parts list for these? On the jackshaft I was going to machine off the end that the old torque converter sheave is mounted on and replace it with a sprocket so I can...
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    These old trikes are awesome-so what killed these things?

    These 70's trikes are really cool-I really like the the low slung stance and style. So why are these Alsports, Trisports, etc no longer around? We still have minibikes and go karts being made and sold. Why don't we see Coleman trikes powered by 6.5 clones and the like? Liability? Did the Honda...
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    Anybody modify the rear of a T-555 with swing arm hinge and shocks?

    I got a T-555 that is a bit rough on the rear going up the mountain trails in North Georgia and was wondering if anybody has added or modified the rear with a swing arm and hinge set-up. Thanks
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    Rear axle swing arm hinge point ideas

    I am putting a swing arm and shocks on my Yerf 3200 and was wondering what kind of avenues I can go. I know some people put a bolt through metal hinge brackets at the hinge-point but I'm concerned about galling using that method. I was thinking bronze bushings in metal brackets might do the...
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    What lubrication in Montgomery Ward differential?

    I have to break open the differential in my MW T-555. Can anybody how and what to lubricate it with? Thanks
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    Building my own "Alsport/Trisport" style trike. What would be best dimensions for it?

    After doing some research on trikes. reverse trikes, etc, I think I'll fab up my own along the Trisport lines. I will use a 6.5 Predator and series 30 torque converter. I think I will use a differential for ATV applications from Northern tool. Axle brakes on both wheels seems to be a must. For...
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    New guy with question about the Scorpion from Spidercarts.

    First, hello from Atlanta, GA. I have been looking for a project to fit come certain parameters and needed some advice. I have a rusted Chinese two-seat dune buggy that I want to chop down and graft onto either a Baja mini bike frame or a Baja ATV frame. I'm thinking of building a trike because...