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  1. mini one

    Any NY New England racing

    For our old school trikes? Haven’t seen much from the Wachussett, Electric City etc folks? Minis and trikes been gathering dust... I know the ATC style trike racers will be going strong but maybe the MA/CT/NY/VT crew lost interest?
  2. mini one

    New in box 1975 Indian 25k

    Check out Albany CL in case you were the MegaMillions winner.
  3. mini one

    Alsport front axle help with removal?

    Hi guys, I know some of you have alsport trikes, specifically the TS types with the wide 8” front tires. My question is how do or did you remove the front axle? They have what looks to be axles that are pressed in and through the bottom of the forks with a threaded hole in each end so that a...
  4. mini one in the latest SCCA Magazine

    Page 5 and page 42 of the March 2019 SCCA Sports Car magazine shows the sticker on the visor of a young driver’s helmet, nice! Probably a pic from the SCCA’s Kart Modified class?
  5. mini one

    1987 Margay Lynx AC

    Great condition, extra rain tires and wheels, practice tires, starter, one year old plastics, brake pads and clutch, large seat, 100cc Yamaha. Runs great ready to race. Pics coming soon. Located in NY, 1,400 for everything.
  6. mini one

    Alsport RTS engine options

    Been searching around and not finding much. I thought someone here might know how different the mounting plates were between the Kohler twins and the Tecumseh hh160’s ? My unfinished build off trike didn’t go well since the Spirit/ Arctic Cat 500 the P.O. took the time to put on fit, but the...
  7. mini one

    Northeast Racing or riding Sat. 8/25?

    Anything happening? Mini bike throw down in CT? (Might be a haul for me but...)
  8. mini one

    Clinton that I just picked up

    Looks to be a vertical intended use from the carburetor setup but i know we like to check out stuff like this so I figured I would post up some pics. I saw it was in good shape so I pretty much bought it for the gas tank since I don't know much about 2 strokes. Haven't looked up much on it yet...
  9. mini one

    Alsport RTS-"street legal" in CT for sale

    Bristol CT Facebook Marketplace. Looks pretty complete for 800.00, wish I had room for it, I'de buy it myself!
  10. mini one

    Mystery carb/intake, Clinton?

    Been meaning to post this for a while. Bought it with some Clinton horizontal engines so... Thanks for the help.
  11. mini one

    Winter riding

    Finally tried some Kold Kutter studs in the trike tires and wish I had done it years ago, those MX guys know what they're doing! Myself and another infamous OldMiniBikes member got out on the ice last week and wow they really hook up. Anyone besides the MI guys been out this winter? Plenty of ice...
  12. mini one

    More than 2 Wheels Anything Goes mini one's Alsport ???

    This started out as a result of a random search of "fiberglass body" on Craigslist, located a few hours away. Super nice guy had it listed as a homemade go-cart. I haven't had the time to figure out exactly what it is so I'm thanking you guys ahead of time for the info since there's some...
  13. mini one

    Alsport Handlebar Clamp

    Looking for one for a RTS Trisport. Aluminum with the "A" on it. I will post a pic asap. No luck at first try, Thanks
  14. mini one

    All Alsport trikes red?

    Were they all red bodies and black frames? thanks
  15. mini one

    Opinions on gas tank?

    Got this tank recently and although it's a little too large for my mini bikes (6X12'), I'm thinking it would work on my trike? It's got mounting blocks and a plate attached already. I think it was from an old generator. My real question is has anyone mounted a remote tank on their trike...
  16. mini one

    Rice O Rama 2017 Spencer MA

    Though some people here would like to know about this, just google it. I'm sure others here know more about it. Sept. 9th and 10th. Looks like a great event, motorcycles, mini bike races, swap meet etc. Trying to get there this year. mini one
  17. mini one

    Trike Body

    Looking for a fibreglass body that will fit on a Wards T555 or at least get close. Have sawzall, cloth and epoxy if needed so it can be in any condition. Seat/no seat, either way... or you can PM me. Thanks
  18. mini one

    Lebanon CT Mini Bike Throw Down 7-8-17

    Didn't see this here yet so I thought I would repost, not my event so I don't know if Hoss will be there, looks like a great time. There's more info on the web. Murdercycles Rodeo Weekend. 122 Mack Road, Lebanon, CT, United States
  19. mini one

    New rides entry: 1970 Trail Horse Suspended

  20. mini one

    1974 z50 honda in Little Falls NY

    200. 0bo Seems reasonable, no?