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    Rupp TC Covers 70 - 75?

    Anyone know if the Rupp minibike Torque Converter covers are the same for 70 thru 75? I have in my notes that 70 is a one year only I am trying to verify that. Thanks Tony
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    Dellorto UA19S Stock Main Jet Size?

    Anyone know what the stock non-adjustable main jet size is for a Rupp Tecumseh Dellorto UA19S carburetor is? Thanks Tony
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    Dellorto UA-19S Help

    I have a Del UA-19S that runs too rich black smoke and doesn't respond much to adjustments, the metering rod is a C1 and main jet is marked 06 see picture below, this carburetor came from Italy so I don't know what the application was. I am using this on a Tecumseh HS-50 similar application as a...
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    Rupp Tecumseh Custom 10 HP Engine Plus

    For Sale This is a custom modified Tecumseh 10 HP LH358 iron sleeve engine that fits a Rupp Roadster2 mini bike and more with about 15 minutes of run time, all it needs is a stock era correct recoil, air filter and it's ready to go. I was trying to build a smoother running that stock engine...
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    Rupp Roadster2 Horn

    Anyone know of an electric horn that would work properly on a stock Rupp Roadster2. Thanks Tony
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    HS40 Iron Cylinder?

    Anyone know if Tecumseh ever made an HS40 with iron cylinder? Thanks Tony
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    Honda GX 390 and Clone Parts Interchange

    I have a generator with a Honda clone/china engine and need info on parts interchange between the Honda GX 390 13 HP and the clone both engines look mostly the same. Anyone know if the connecting rod and piston assembly would interchange between the two. My generator hadn't been used in several...
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    Tecumseh HSSK50 Offset or Centered Wrist Pin?

    I am building a slightly modified Tec HS50 I had iron sleeved to the later smaller bore HSSK50 2.795", there are 2 different pistons available I believe the earlier on the left flat lower skirt piston has a centered wrist pin there are no markings on the piston and the later lighter piston has...
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    Block Machine Work

    I am doing some performance work to a Tec HS50, would the HS50 flow better if the cylinder block land between the valves and cylinder were machined down similar to Tec 10 HP engines that have angled valves. See attached picture. Tony
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    Billet Rod Wear?

    Anyone have experience with billet rods? I would like to use one in a Tecumseh HS50 for street use I have a concern about rod journal bore wear? Stock cast rods are hard and hold up well as far as wear goes, billet rods tend to be made of softer aluminum possibly prone to wear in continuous high...
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    Tec HS50 Drop Slant Intake Issues

    I decided to put a HS50 on my Rupp R2 while I get the 10 HP vibration issues worked out. I partially freshened up a low use 50 I have cleaned and lapped the valves, put in new points, condenser, coil and carburetor, when I tried to start the 50 it was difficult to get going and when I dialed in...
  12. F Gone?

    I recently tried to go to the site no longer exists? Tony
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    Dyno Cam 245 For Tecumseh

    Anyone here running a Dyno Cam in their Tecumseh HS40 or HS50 engine? I bought a Dyno brand 245 last year I was not 100% sure if it was correct for an HS40 or HS50 or what setup engine it was for, I believe it's a somewhat mild cam with about .050" more lift and possibly more duration. Thanks Tony
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    VDO 60 MPH Speedometer Fits Rupp

    I am looking for a vintage VDO 60 MPH speedometer with a 1.85 diameter body and 2.050" bezel ring that fits Rupp Roadster2 headlight bucket like the one pictured. Thanks Tony
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    Rupp Roadster2 10 HP

    My name is Tony I am a newbie here but not new to mini bikes, I had a Purple Rupp Roadster2 back in the early 70's as a teen loved that Rupp rode the wheels of it for several years. Fast forward to a dozen years ago I picked up a RR2 to restore and hang on the wall in my garage or so that was...
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    Tecumseh HS 50 Compression Release Cam Info Needed

    I am looking for info on compression release cams that will fit Tecumseh HS 50engines with the same valve configuration as on early 70s Rupp Roadster2 mini bikes with HS 40 engines. I have 2 restored Rupp mini bikes for fun and family use I upgraded to 5HP HS 50 engines the problem I quickly...