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    My completed jig.

    Here it is folks! Can build any wheelbase up to 84", any rake up to 60 degrees! It is on a rotisserie for easy welding... Here in another week or so, i should be able to bend up some minibike frames!
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    My new frame jig

    Picked up one of these kits...I will start assembling it tomorrow. It did not come with the 2x3 tubing, and I picked up enough tubing to build the jig on a rotisserie. It will be 8ft long so I can do work on my dragbikes and is fully adjustable so I can do short wheelbases as well. (IE...
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    And the winners are!!!

    Drum Roll Please................. Vintage Class: Guardrail Dave Open Class Jeep 2003
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    Voting is open!!!

    The two polls are up for the two build off classes. Voting will be open for two weeks!
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    OldMiniBikes Mini Bike Build Off 2012 Open Class Voting

    Here are your 11 finishers in the open class!
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    How much are real honda 6.5s worth?

    i was at a local farm auction and they had several real honda engines for sale. one was a 12hp, two 6.5hp, and a 5.5 hp. The 12hp went for $160, the two 6.5s went for around $85. They also had some new ones but I wasnt there when those went. Did I miss out? I think i did!
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    finally doing something productive

    well, if you asked my wife it wouldnt be productive to her. Finally got aroudn to buying a new hydraulic hose for my tube bender, hopefully will have that up and running within a week or so. I have parts in the mail to build my own tube notcher, costs about 15$ more than the HF tube...
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    Maybe im crazy..

    Ive been wanting to build a recumbent minibike for about 3 years now. Based of this frame, feet forward and everything. Motor would be behind/under the rider right next to the rear wheel. Use 16-18 inch rear dirtbike or moped wheels, something light weight.
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    Mini Top Fuel Bike

    Now a dragbike.
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    Vintage Double Engine Drag Mini Bike

    Built by drag bike pioneer and howner of Hahn Racecraft, a very popular turbo kit manufacture. Powered by two 8hp Briggs&Stratton. He just posted this up on facebook, I HAD to share this with you guys. And the story: "In 1976, I was 14, and built a fun little number to race in the...
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    Yanmar clone diesel engine

    Pull start and electric start, clone of a 178f. 7hp roughly. 150 plus shipping.
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    anyone seen this board tracker?

    powered by a clone, way cool. Flickr: Sportsman Flyer's Photostream Sportsman Flyer
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    WTB used clone billet flywheel, mikuni carb

    i guess i didnt realize predators use the same flywheel as clones, so im also looking for a billet clone flywheel. also interested in a 22mm or bigger mikuni carb, used of course.
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    WTB Used Predator Billet Rod/Flywheel

    anyone got one laying around?
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    Make sure you put up your Build Off Threads!

    Starting tomorrow we can all get started on our buildoffs! Make sure you get your thread started within the first month. It looks like Hent has spoken and we will have 2 classes, so please put in the title of the thread either Vintage or Open. To keep it organized looking, please make your...
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    Anyone build a 15hp predator yet?

    just curious if anyone has done it and what combo they ran. my plan is this: billet rod billet flywheel 22mm mikuni header 252 lift hi hp grind upgraded valve springs/pushrods/rocker arms think that should do it.
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    Jackshaft/bearings question

    2 quick questions on jackshafts and bearings. 1: Has anyone used bearings like this: instead of the typical 3/4 x 1 3/8 flange bearing? I think the housed bearing setup would be stronger. 2: Do you need to use lock collars to hold the jackshaft in place, or if it lines up properly...
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    Do MB200s use clone engines?

    Like the title states, does the MB200 model use a clone engine? Im looking at doing some racing next year and one of the rule requirments is the engine must be originally used in a motorcycle.
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    Who is entering the Build Off?

    Just want to get a head count.