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  1. Coycaller

    Super Tryke stx-360

    Are these rear fenders right? Just picked this up today. Runs, I just don't know much about it.
  2. Coycaller

    Heathkit Boonie Bike

    I need a rear fender for the kids' Boonie Bike. Trying to get rid of the mud streaks up their backs.:smile:
  3. Coycaller

    My Arm is Flippin tired...Tec HM80

    Something isn't right. I put a new carb on this HM80. It will run if I screw the needles and all the way in but it backfires a bit. If I idle it up it is worse. If I try to back the screw out it starts to die. I think it is running too rich with the needle all the way in. Maybe I got the...
  4. Coycaller

    Need some help with a Tecumseh

    Engine numbers are: HM80-155174 Ser 0011C This engine is off of a Super Bronc that me and the boy are trying to resurrect. I replaced all of the leaking fuel lines and removed and cleaned the carb. We got it started but it won't run for very long. I started it on choke and then take it off...
  5. Coycaller

    Started the Super Bronc Project tonight

    I have a few questions 1) I am missing the driver clutch and the driven doesn't look healthy. It is a Comet driven, is that what they came with? I have access to Comet clutches at a very reasonable price where I work. Is that the way to go? 2) I noticed, under the seat on the hinge...
  6. Coycaller

    What is a Super Bronc worth?

    I found a Super Bronc in a shed. The guy is willing to sell but I want to offer him a fair price. It is complete but does need a lot of work. Tire are dry rotted and the cables are stuck. The old Tecumseh engine needs replaced. The front shock don't look good either. I would appreciate the...