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    raptor 2 weak link

    Hi, everyone. I just recieved my NOS Raptor2 from a fellow member(thanks lil digger) and I am like a kid at Christmas. I have read that the rod is a weak point in the motor, as it is ungoverened . Is a billit rod and better bolts advised? I'm not going to be racing but you know how a guys wrist...
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    Raptor 2 recoil

    I'm looking for a recoil pull start that will work on a Raptor 2 briggs.
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    Raptor 2 ridability

    Does anyone have experience riding a mini with a stock raptor 2 motor, I'm considering buying one but I want to make sure it isn't going to be a bad mannered stallion, Any thoughts?:scared: By the way, It's going on a Manco Trailcat( not the big tire style) Also, Tav vs. centrifugul ?
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    front end geometry

    I was reading a thread concerning front end geometry and the presence of " offset" as opposed to 0 degree "offset", Is this referring to the placement of the axle to the center of the fork tube?:confused:
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    OldMiniBikes rear sprockets

    If you have used a OldMiniBikes AZ 2151 sprocket or something comparable, were you satisfied with the quality? I have to have whatever brand I get machined, So I don't want to get something that won't last.
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    Tec 5.5 ohv vs vintage tec 4-5 hp flathead

    I'm curious about what people on OldMiniBikes think about this comparison,Tec 5.5 Power Sport OHV vs. A vintage Tec 4or5 hp flathead. The chosen motor will be going on a Manco Trailcat.
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    HPE Muskin Cat handle bars

    I'm hoping someone out there in OldMiniBikes land has handle bars for a HPE Muskin Cat(the bolt on style) Any help is greatly appreciated! Steve.:thumbsup:
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    handle bars

    I'm looking for a handle bar for a Sensation mini I'm building. I would like a one piece style with the two clamp/ riser setup, That is the vintage style.
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    trailcat tank

    Looking for a gas tank for a manco trailcat. They also came on the large wheeled mancos. THANKS!!! Steve.
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    Sears puddle jumper/ Green streak gas tank

    Does anyone have or know of someone who has A gas tank for A Sears Puddle jumper/Green streak? I would really appreciate any help I could get, Thanks, Steve.:scooter:
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    manco 6" wheel

    I'm looking for a 6" manco cast wheel, Thanks everyone:smile:
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    best drive chain size?

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to decide what pitch chain to use on my trail cat. I'm pretty sure it was #35 org,But it seams to me that #40 would me more suited to the weight of an adult rider and increased power output, Any thoughts? Steve.
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    Sensation MB6A rear sprocket

    I'm Looking for a rear drive sprocket for my Sensation MB6A (MIKE BIKE). Any help would be great, Thanks everyone! Steve.
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    looking for manco trail cat parts

    I'm looking for a tank, fenders and a seat,and a front wheel. I have a nice Rupp Turbine front wheel to trade. Thanks, Steve.
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    need help to i.d. this mini

    Hey everyone, I just picked this up yesterday and I haven,t figured out what make it is. The front wheel looks like a Rupp And I 'm pretty sure the engine isn't stock but I'm counting on one of you to help me out, Thanks .The bike in last two pics is the only one I've been able to find and they...
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    customizing stock forks and frame

    I've just got my first mini to fix up, It's a sensation mb6a. Is this bike something that should be kept in stock form or is it average enough to make it viable for mods? First I only have the frame and fork/handle bar and front wheel, they are original and in good condition, I've located a rear...
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    Sensation MB6A parts

    I'm looking for parts for a sensation " MIKE BIKE" . I need a rear wheel w/sprocket(cast 3 spoke alloy) Seat, Throttle and any info I can get, Thanks, Steve.
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    looking for decent project mini for $200 or less.

    Hi everyone, I've been trying to find a decent mini to buy and fix up,not a factory resto or something rare (expensive) but just something to ride back in time on,( i'm 54 ) I'd prefer vintage american, But would consider all. Hopefully for $200 or less, Thanks, Steve. IN MICHIGAN PLEASE.
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    newbee looking at kaw coyote

    Hi everyone,I.m looking at getting my first mini. I loved riding them as a kid but never had one of my own. I'm looking at a Kawasaki coyote 4stroke that has had the motor replaced with a techumseh I believe. I haven't seen the bike in person yet, Just a picture. The guy wants $100, What do you...