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    Seat Upholsterer

    ya it depends on how far gone it is, as noted above... but it worked for me on an Arctic Cat seat. I wouldn't mention had it not worked.
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    Seat Upholsterer

    ya depends on how far gone the vinyl is for sure. But I've used basic Johnsons baby oil or off the shelf leather/vinyl conditioner from auto parts stores. just apply which ever one to the seat and leave, don't wipe it off for a few days or even a week. You can also do this a few times.
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    Seat Upholsterer

    The vinyl can be rejuvenated if you're interested in that. Baby oil or vinyl/leather conditioner work great. Just let it soak in for days or even weeks and should become plush again.
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    Sachs Saxonette crank seal Arctic Cat

    looking for crank seals for Saxonette 2 speed automatic but can't find a good source.
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    Is Blackwidow Motorsports a good site?

    Very good company to buy parts from.
  6. Kawasaki Coyote

    Kawasaki Coyote

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    IN NEED OF 6 inch Arctic Cat wheels

    need a 6 inch Arctic Cat mini bike front wheel. Thanks.
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    Briggs 2.5 HP Engines

    The low hp motors are tough. The 5hp engines have more aftermarket support, such as thin head gaskets which give you more compression. I don't think anyone makes those for the 2hp motors.
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    Briggs 2.5 HP Engines

    I think some Lil Indians came with a 2.5 Briggs in the 60s.
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    So what’s everyone using for oil ?

    You want to use 10w30 small engine oil. Don't over-complicate it.
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    Rupp manufacture date

    71 serial # but later motor and custom paint scheme.
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    Wanted - Kawasaki Coyote mini bike 8 inch rear wheel

    Looking for a rear wheel for Kawasaki coyote. Thanks.
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    Little help over here please.

    From what I gather you are either leaking gas out of the tank, petcock, or fuel line (check clamps). Or if the oil is over-filled you could force it out of the head gasket or crank breather. About 2/3 of a quart is all you need. Not sure what your carb issue is, but recommend watching carb...
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    Arctic Cat Sachs help

    I know the later Arctic cat minis has larger wheels, so I imagine they were geared differently for that. My engine is a 72 but is on an earlier bike with 6 inch wheels, I thought maybe that was the issue but not too sure.
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    Arctic Cat Sachs help

    Ya the engine runs really well so I kinda thought it was just underpowered from the factory. Any way to change the gear ratios? Thank you.
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    Arctic Cat Sachs help

    Hey guys, I have a 1970 Arctic Cat SSSCAT with 1972 Sachs 2 speed. I am only reaching 14 mph and I think it should be faster than that. I have tried different trans fluids and no change. 13 tooth front sprocket and 37 tooth rear. Bike has 6 inch wheels and tires are fully inflated. Any...
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    Predator 212 not starting

    If you're positive timing is correct than I would check the basics, spark and fuel. Did you have the motor running before the new valve springs?
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    Little help over here please.

    Correction: not .com.. Sorry.
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    Little help over here please.

    IF I had this bike I would either rebuild this carb or buy a new diaphragm type. The float carbs need to sit level which requires a special intake or adapter. The diaphragm carbs eliminate the need for the special intake or adapter because they can operate at any angle. Amazon has them for...
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    Little help over here please.

    You have a diaphragm carburetor, maybe the diaphragm is no good? you could buy a rebuild kit or a new carb. Usually these bikes have a bowl type carb, like what you would see on a snowblower. Yes you are missing the rod, you can find them online easily. You are also missing a nut on the gas...