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  1. Luke135

    The death ped

    About 10 years ago we were drinking in the garage and came up with this thing. Having fun guys. That's what it's all about. Btw it clocked at just over 30 plus..
  2. Luke135

    Fast one

    So do the math guys. Full blown raptor briggs 7000 rpm 12 clutch sprocket 60 tooth rear sprocket 11 inch tire. It rips.
  3. Luke135

    Early 1960's minibikes.

    Early minibikes used 2 stroke gokart motors. This is a replica of one I owned in 1965. They were fast and oh my..dangerous.. I went on to race go karts and ama flatrack. It was a different world back then.
  4. Luke135

    Disc brake on a minibike

    This is how I install a bicycle disc brake on a older minibike. Machine a hub to attach the rotor to the wheel hub and build a bracket to hold the caliper. This bracket centers on the axle spacer so it requires no slots for adjustment. And lots of stopping power.
  5. Luke135

    Mculloch build

    Built this one last fall. Stretched the frame. Motor is a 300 chainsaw converted over. The inspiration was the mooneyes dragster pictured
  6. Luke135

    The motor bike

    Built this one back in 2009. Hit 58 mph with more to go. My brother still rides it around the neighborhood. Gets a lot of looks and attention. It was patterned after one built by guys in the neighborhood in 1967. They called it "The Motorbike" it had no brakes.
  7. Luke135

    My brothers cat 350

    My brothers Cat 350 with heated up predator. High stall clutch and it rips. Front tire lifts @ 35 mph. I use high stall max torque springs in all my heated up minibikes. Makes it a lot more fun especially if the motor is heated up
  8. Luke135

    The original death ped

    About 15 yrs ago a nite of drinking in my brothers garage created this thing. It was electric but died so we converted it to gas. I named it the death pad cus it was so unstable. It went 35 mph. It got passed along and who knows where it is now..
  9. Luke135

    Fast and dangerous

    Home built briggs raptor with all good parts inside including tbr3 cam, ported 3 stage exhaust and mikuni. Cat 250 frame and 3500 stall spring in clutch. I run it on 93 octane with gold label blendzall. Exhaust smells like a indy car. Gotta lean way forward when on the gas or you'll be on your...
  10. Luke135

    Saginaw powerbike build

    Starting a Saginaw powerbike build. There's enough here to bring it back. I'll post pics of the progress..
  11. Luke135

    Ebay trailblazer

    Ebay find trailblazer all original. Good looking minibike except the dumb looking rear slanting rear shocks. Ruins the lines of an otherwise minibike. I'm going to experiment with moving the lower shock mounts rearward to clean up the looks . What do you guys think. I have a 125c. Pit bike motor...
  12. Luke135

    Strech the frame

    Bought a frame for $10 and stretched it to make this
  13. Luke135

    Craigslist doodlebug haul

    Craigslist delivers again. Bought out a doodlebug collector. Frames wheels but no motors.
  14. Luke135

    Minibikes go karts flatrack motorcycle racing

    First I had minibikes then I raced go karts. Next I rode ama flatrack. Then I ran out of talent. Not this guy. King kenny Robert's rode minibikes. He set the bar up several notches. The best ever..
  15. Luke135


    I've come up with some small engine kickstarters. A ford starter bendix a gear from ebay and a few parts turned on the lathe. 35 bucks in parts. They are adaptable to almost any small engine.
  16. Luke135

    The inspiration for this build came from the 1960's moon dragster.

    I built a moon drag minibike.
  17. Luke135

    Cat 350 scrap yard rescue

    My brothers cat 350 rescued at the scrap yard. Has a heated up predator. He runs it on race gas with gold label blendzall. Smells like a indy car when running. Btw it rips..
  18. Luke135

    Hiawatha doodlebug

    Hiawatha doodlebug with a deco grand (formally continental) picked up motor on ebay. It had never been run.
  19. Luke135

    Flea market yerfdog.

    Found a yerfdog with a predator at flea mt for 100 bucks. It needs some love to bring back to life... future project. I use flea mats garage sales craigslist ebay and word of mouth to find treasures.
  20. Luke135

    Other toys i have built

    Well no minibike but fun non the less. Built myself. The scooter has 5.5 tecumseh power sport. Clocks in at 47mph. Took 30 days to build last fall I'll post more minibike pics later