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  1. nightgrider

    Di Blasi R7 Folding Motor Bike

    After stumbling across an image of one of these this morning. I've kind of become obsessed with it. I'd love to build something similar if I can, but that is probably a pipe dream at this point. I looked around on the site, looks like there are a few post on these Di Blasi mopeds but not many. I...
  2. nightgrider

    Bird Baja Go Kart

    My dad helped me drag out my old go kart. It is a Bird Baja, rode this all over our yard growing up. As far as I know it is mostly original except for the the steering wheel, which I modified as a teenager, so I could keep riding it even though I'd technically outgrown the kart. And possibly the...
  3. nightgrider

    Late 60s Fox Campus Restoration

    I've been kicking around doing more of a restoration on my late 60's Fox Campus mini bike. I originally passed on the idea, because nos or even used parts are almost nonexistent for the bike. And my bike is missing almost all its original parts beyond the wheels and the frame. From what other...
  4. nightgrider

    Mounting Predator Engine at 75-90°

    I've been seeing pictures online of people mounting predator engines at a 75° to almost 90° off the stock mounting orientation. I'm not an engine expert, but I would think this could cause oiling issues. Pictures below for reference. Just wanting to see what everyone else's thoughts are on this.
  5. nightgrider

    Fox Campus Trail Bike Build

    Recently purchased a Fox Campus, planning on building it into a nice little trail bike to putt around the yard and fields on. Here's a short run down of what I'm thinking: - 10 inch dirt bike wheels - CVT to the jackshaft - New seat - Honda CFR50F front fork - 8 inch mini ape hanger handlebars...
  6. nightgrider

    New rides entry: 1970 Fox Campus

    nightgrider 1970 Fox Campus Just picked it up and need to clean it up.
  7. nightgrider

    Hello and What is IT

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to the OBM form, just wanted to say hi and see if anyone could help identify the manufacture of this mini bike I recently purchased. I'm no expert on mini bikes but I've never seen one like this before. I'm thinking it is either one of the lesser know brands...