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    china.....90cc clone motor

    i have a older china that looks like a 70's mini bike motor. this was on a 4 wheeler that i paid way to much for 6 years ago and the frame rusted away. it has the usual motor mounts that hang from the frame but after taking the little motor off the junk frame i found 4 bolt hole on the bottom...
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    i am looking for a simple frame to cut my teeth on. please help it dont have to be perfect just workable. please i lost info on a guy that live close to me that was going to hook me up. i got sick and had to start cancer treatment again so any help please. and yeah moneys tight med bills but...
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    want let me up load photos

    site want let me up load photo's of my clinton
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    this is my critter's

    like I was saying I know turtle doctoring , pigeon battlefield doctoring and even how to build a big block chevy. but computer fourm posting pic and anything to do with small engine's clueless. in some order of the in the pic's pistol "pete" telling me to ask about a seat for him to ride. belle...
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    sunl four wheeler

    this 4 wheeler has been sitting for 5 years after costing me a trip to the hosp. it is a 90cc Sunl that has only one hour of real time. my son was 6yr old and the 4 wheeler turnover two times. and then the throttle stuck wide open the remote doesn't work when you are running lol. long story...
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    bullet sportmans buggy

    i have gotten a good lead on the buggy i have just wanting to know if anybody have any photo's of this type of buggy. i can only find one picture on the web and it is a one seater. i need some spec on the buggy so i can rebuild the jackshaft and sprocket size teeth and such. i went on a site and...
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    I have a homelite e4000 that I got running and then I broke one of the brushes. anyone know where you can get brushes I have looked on ebay and every where else. don't know if they make a one size it all are if they make a standard kit for these. I figured the guys up north might know. it has a...
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    nice people

    I want to tell everyone on here that in just a couple of days I have been shocked on here. on this site I have got more help in two days than a month on other forums. if I ask question about stuff on your thread people have pointed me too the right thread are even helped me put my pic on a...
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    my old dirt bike grave yard

    here is my old dirt bikes my they rest in peace. there is 5 in that ply and no we don't throw anything away haha and they are laying next to 1940 ford coupe that was my dads cherry till we had it blasted and found out how they did body work in the 40's so we moved on. it has set there for I know...
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    clinton b 704

    This is a Clinton b704 that I bought off ebay for 25.00 bills and I cleaned the points and sprayed sea foam in the carb and it runs like a top. also have this junkyard dog frame don't know who built it are if its is a build off a set of plans. these are the measurements and how the Clinton looks...
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    I forgot about this sitting in the field. we drug this up about 12yr ago got it out of texas at the swap meet was going to use it to drive around the junk yard. she is all there and I drove it off the trailer but didn't steer very good.
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    frame with kawasaki tube on it

    here is the frame I dug out and the measurements. whoever built it told a great deal of time building it. does it look like anything you all have seen from a plan are do you think someone just threw it together. I think I now were the guy that built still lives. but here are the pictures see...
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    kawasaki mini bike mini frame?

    I got this in a trade about 15yr ago and dug it out to start a project. it looked to me to be a mini bike style but after dusting it off I found a vin number and the words stamped japan KHI on the tube and then a vin which is a 1982 kawasaki motorcycle 80cc and it took me about a hour to decode...
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    I am looking for a mini bike to build. This is a project for my 11yr son and me i bought a few engines and we need a frame it dont have to be a vintage just something that want eat the budget we have for the project . It has to be shipped to mississippi are if someone on here close i will...
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    little dune buggy

    Please help i bought this for 50 buck to redo with my son. Never redone one of these so buggy expert throw me some knowledge. I need everything so what ever you say i will start ordering