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  1. Casey Davis

    Holder Micro Cycle

    HOLDER MICRO CYCLE Smaller than a mini-bike, a lot of quality in a little package It seems strange, looking at the Holder Micro Cycle, to recall that only a few years ago, most mini-bikes were only a little bigger. Today this little machine appears... well, rather like a toy. Maybe that's all...
  2. Casey Davis

    Sidecar Sailing?

    Looks like something KustomKart would be into...
  3. Casey Davis

    Cool Deal - Bird Three-Wheeler (Dallas CL)

    4 Cycle Small Engine Three-Wheeler
  4. Casey Davis

    "Pink Noise

    I think I'm addicted to sleeping with "pink noise" (1⁄f noise).
  5. Casey Davis

    Next Odyssey Build

    I have came to the end of my stock appearing 1979 FL250 Odyssey build, only having to wait on the upholstery shop to refoam and use the NOS seat cover I provided them for the seat base and seat back. The 248cc air-cooled two stroke runs extremely clean and everything is showroom floor tight and...
  6. Casey Davis

    Honda Odyssey FL250 Miscellaneous resource

    FL250 Motor: Gear Reduction Case:
  7. Casey Davis

    What Model Steller?

    Looks a little different than most you see... What year / model? Mini Bike (Stellar)
  8. Casey Davis

    CAT 250 in OK

    Prob get this real cheap if you are close. Go cart, odyssey go cart, baja mini motorcycle, mini bike
  9. Casey Davis

    MUSKIN Sales Sheets / Brochures

    RARE Muskin Cat Go Cat Go Cart Dealer Specification Sheet Brochure Model R 6301 | eBay Somebody buy the whole set and scan! :)
  10. Casey Davis

    "fast, fun and stable"...

    Go kart trades
  11. Casey Davis

    Muskin Dune Cat

    Wanted: Muskin Dune Cat - complete / incomplete / body only - any year / model The closer to Weatherford, Texas the better. Reference Image: Thanks, Casey Davis
  12. Casey Davis

    Trapper Trail Bike - Project Log

    Came to my dad's shop this morning and drug out the bike that has been sitting for a few years in the back. It's a Trapper Trail Bike made in Dearborn Heights, MI. and has a West Bend/Chrysler 820 on it. It is missing some things, but I'm trying to force myself into starting a restoration on it...
  13. Casey Davis

    Electrolysis (Rust Removal)

    Has anyone experimented with removing rust from the inside of a rusty fuel tank using Electrolysis? Feel free to post tips and/or how-to's. I want my fuel tank clean, but don't want my shop blowing up either... Thanks, cd
  14. Casey Davis

    Forks are NOT bent!

    60's or 70's mini bike frame
  15. Casey Davis

    HPE / Muskin Cat Parts

    Thinning some of my extra parts using eBay. treyzemail | eBay
  16. Casey Davis

    Need Dune Cat Info Please

    I'm looking for any brochure/literature/specifications on my Dune Cat. It's a '72 model, but I don't have the page I need out of the original brochure. I've seen some low-res images online of the page, but cannot make out the verbiage or model number. Mine is the "Apricot" metal flake version...
  17. Casey Davis

    My dream Garage in the making

    Got the first coat of epoxy sealer down last night and this morning. Can't wait to start moving everything back in.
  18. Casey Davis

    What Is It?

    Single seat Go Cart / Go Kart I have seen one of those steering wheels somewhere on here before.
  19. Casey Davis

    Mickey Thompson Mini Dragster

    Looking for more information and pics of the Mickey Thompson Mini Dragster. Post if you know where one is or have additional info/images. Thanks, cd
  20. Casey Davis

    Free "Roller" for OldMiniBikes Mini Bike Build-Off 2012

    If anyone local to Weatherford, Texas or the Metroplex wants to enter the build-off, but lacks a cool project...I can help out by offering a '76 K&S Hornet Model MB-80C "Roller" free of charge. Images of the bike can be found in the link below. NOTE: MOTOR IS NOT INCLUDED...