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  1. Cubenzo

    '72 Arctic cat Ramrod in MIchigan

    '72 Arctic cat Ramrod. As seen condition.. wrong carb, no clutch cover. Missing one brake lever/cable. Missing air filter. Missing kickstand. Missing original throttle/grip. Kickstand mount has a weld. Exhaust pipe has been welded/jbweld?. Frame shows pitting from rust. I have headlight assembly...
  2. Cubenzo

    arctic cat ramrod

    I am about to list my ramrod. Needs to fund other projects.
  3. Cubenzo

    El burro hub assembly.

    I could use a set of el burro wheel hubs.. Stock or modified. Trying to get my 2 burros rolling.
  4. Cubenzo

    Arctic cat parts needed.

    I need the following parts NOS or good used for my 1972 arctic cat ramrod. I know some of these will be hard. Rear shocks with good chrome. (Rupp or bonanza shocks may work) Handlebars with decent chrome. Handle grips, both or one at a time. I have a throttle side grip that is rough...
  5. Cubenzo

    @@AutoWorld Racing Riggs@@

    PM me PayPal info.
  6. Cubenzo

    1986 Z50R won't start

    Sounds like your leaking air at the new carb (high idle). Check you bolts and tighten them both to the manifold simultaneously for the best seal. Timing can be crucial. Plenty of YouTube videos on setting timing on these Honda engines. Tdc on flywheel and timing mark on cam need to match...
  7. Cubenzo

    What are these forks for?

    Are the reflectors held on with bolts? Or double sided tape?
  8. Cubenzo

    What are these forks for?

    These are on a franken Bird I picked up.
  9. Cubenzo

    Hillsdale MI Ride

    I'll be down for the Sunday ride. Anyone else from the site going?
  10. Cubenzo

    Briggs Engines/carbs--Running or for parts

    Shipping to 48867 on the 2hp?
  11. Cubenzo

    2 Sperry Rand Tricubs - restoration project thread

    Can't wait to see these finished up! I think the new tires look great.
  12. Cubenzo

    Another Michigan swap this year?

    There is one this Saturday (sept12) 10-3 in Redford.
  13. Cubenzo

    West bend ice sled

    Saw that on Facebook.. Had to throw my wallet across the room.. Pretty tempting..
  14. Cubenzo

    Finally I got my Mini Bike

    Welcome! I'm just outside the Lansing area (owosso) myself.
  15. Cubenzo

    Pipe Flattening Die

    I would love to have one... Assuming it should work on standard 7/8s and 1" tubing.
  16. Cubenzo

    WTB: trailhorse roller.

    Still looking.
  17. Cubenzo

    2x (two) Motovox mbx10's

    I'm happy with the sale. I hope he gets it :thumbsup:
  18. Cubenzo


    Alot of repairs/welds..they added gussets to the top tubes.. For some reason?
  19. Cubenzo


    Pulled off some of the garbage. Threw on a 2hp Briggs, a bit of chain.. and throttle cable. Rode a few laps around the house. Keeping it ratty.
  20. Cubenzo

    2x (two) Motovox mbx10's