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    Go Devil needle and seat

    Which Go Devil is it ? Got a picture ?
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    NOS Bonanza brake lever

    If you use a 7/8" strap on it, It will fit 7/8" handlebars.
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    Weak spark from tecumseh coil

    What was the solution?
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    ‘69 Rupp Roadster restore

    Its looking great. Keep posting progress pictures.
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    Rupp 2-speed clutch & jackshaft installation

    You really need to buy yourself a roll of emery cloth strips and polish that jackshaft to remove all imperfections so that the bearings slide easily. It just takes a little patience. Don't be that guy with a hammer !
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    Looks like a Rupp but I’m not sure?

    The frame is from a 1968 Rupp TT-500, XL-500 or XL-350. 1969 has the 2 piece engine plate. Most likely changed the wheels and added the skid brake when the disc brakes needed repair. The 1968 handlebars had a 5/16" u-bolt welded to the bar and often broke. 1969 went to the 3/8" u-bolts. Hard to...
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    What model Rupp did I just pick up?

    You are correct, not original. The Rupp kickstand mounts under the left front part of the engine plate.
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    1972 rupp roadster front shocks

    The easiest way is to remove the front axle, so you can rotate the strut and spring to line up the loop to the bolt hole.
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    Rupp 2-speed clutch & jackshaft installation

    Make sure your jackshaft is perfectly clean so that the jackshaft bearings can slide on the shaft.
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    What is it ? Rupp ?

    Looks like a Scat Cat or Toyoco minibike.
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    What model Rupp did I just pick up?

    1965-66 Rupp Continental Custom with wrong year Tecumseh engine on it. This one has the slant intake and muffler and the gas tank should have the seam running vertical.
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    Rupp Scrambler ?

    Heavily butchered 1971 Rupp Hustler.
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    I have a new 10" WHEEL - 20 SPOKE with brake drum hub. 3-1/2" across the drum opening. $120.00 shipped from MN
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    10x1.75" 20 spoke rim wanted

    I have one for sale. It has spokes and brake/bearing hub. $120.00 shipped
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    2 spd jack shaft doesn't look right

    The sprocket with the one way bearing is your 1st gear. When the RPMs on the jackshaft reach a certain speed the secondary clutch on the jackshaft engages and because of the sprocket size on this clutch it overrides the 1st gear sprocket to give you your 2nd speed. One or the other has to...
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    How to remove jackshaft from 1969 rupp? Yep

    There is a snap ring on the jackshaft on the RH side at the inside edge of the right bearing. Move it close to the sprocket. clean the jackshaft so the bearing can slide towards the sprocket. ( jackshaft bearings have a snap ring on them also, but you shouldn't need to remove them unless the...
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    Wanted: 1970s Broncco Tx1 (roller or otherwise)

    There is a Broncco for sale in Minnesota
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    Vintage Arctic Cat Mini Bike Facebook Group

    It is turning out to be a really great group!
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    Off-road Rupp Enduro Build

    Can you show what you did to the rear swing arm ?