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  1. Biffmini

    Wanted : K&H Caliper actuator pin

    I'm missing one of the actuator pins for my aftermarket K&H style caliper I'm hoping someone has one they can spare. .312 x .855
  2. Biffmini

    Band brake liner adhesive advice wanted.

    JB weld let loose. Any ideas on a better adhesive?
  3. Biffmini

    Trail Horse Custom / MX 500

    Assembly begins. I've been collecting parts for years, slowly mocking up & fab'n, prepping, painting. The time has come to get this project rolling. I still have a lot of small details to work out.....she will be getting a built Briggs 5 HP More progress too come!
  4. Biffmini

    NEW SEAT !!!

    A happy afternoon in biffmini garage. I just unpacked my new manchester1 Seat. SO NICE, I just had to park it on the frame & have man that looks so nice moment.
  5. Biffmini

    Chrome alternative I just sent a quote request for Cosmichrome On my Trail Horse clutch guard. Waiting on a response......
  6. Biffmini

    General Appliance Decal HELP

    Trail Horse / General Appliance. I'm looking to get reproduction decals made & need a little help.With measurements & any good photos that may help. The decals I need are the Trail Horse SS 300 & The Montgomery Ward 500 Clutch Guard Decals. Wanting to repo as accurate as...
  7. Biffmini

    HS50 score

    Picked up a snow blower this morning for $25.00 Pulled the engine. It has great compression, had been run dry & clean oil. Hit it with starting fluid started right up. I'm definitely not going to stop looking for finds like this, but I feel lucky to find one that was actually maintained well.
  8. Biffmini

    Trail Horse decal size?

    I'm looking to get accurate reproduction decals, mainly the SS 300 chain guard decal. Can anyone help with measurements. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  9. Biffmini


    I don't have a aggie bike so this isn't doing me any good. I'm asking $12.00 shipped from Columbus, OHIO
  10. Biffmini

    Shop press metal brake ???

    I added a 20 to press to my tool arsenal. Now I'm looking for some homemade metal brake ideas or links.
  11. Biffmini

    Rubber protection chanel for hose clamps.

    I've seen this used on a few builds for tank mount hose clamps. My search turned up one source. Anyone know of a source a little closer?
  12. Biffmini

    NOS gas tank

    Never used NOS tank 7 1/2" long - 3 1/4" tall. 1/8" npt outlet. $67.00 shipped from Columbus, Ohio.
  13. Biffmini

    Cat 99 TC advice needed

    I'm going to clean up the old Comet Cat 99. I picked up a belt a while back, I've been looking for the bronze idler bushing & not finding Cat 99 specsific parts. Also thinking about the buttons & spring. Have the parts been discontinued for to long to find? The bronze bushing I have looks a...
  14. Biffmini


    Picked this up last week, swapped out side cover and crank. The horseman head was a bonus! I probably should brake it in with stock head, what do you guy's think? Also thinking about losing the points and getting rod, 16# springs, a little advance. After doing search for springs, several sources...
  15. Biffmini

    Picked up new grips

    I've been wanting some nice white grips for some time. OND's Build Off bike reminded me, Thought I'd share the source. I picked up 1" Grips 7/8" are also available
  16. Biffmini

    Must Have Shop Chart!

  17. Biffmini

    I rebuilt carbs & didn't ask questions first

    I have two identical H50 carbs I rebuilt a few years ago when I was just getting into the hobby I recently installed one on one of identical H50's 67038A 33480 Problem I'm having engine wont idle but will run with throttle wide open... So I'm assuming Stuck ball Ck. ( no rattle! ) Both carbs I...
  18. Biffmini

    What year & how to fig Craftsman/Tec.

    I have a Craftsman engine 143-694012 SER 9124A thats converts to Tecumseh H35 MOD 45528 I'd like to know how to tell what year it is.
  19. Biffmini

    Rupp spedos
  20. Biffmini

    A better flanged Bronze sleeve bearing I thought I'd share... I picked up part # 2938T45, very nice tighter & longer than standred