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  1. myjunk

    Mini Bikes on the farm Northern Michigan Update!

    Mini bikes on the farm Northern Michigan update. Thank you for your interest in joining us for a great event. The responses thus far have been amazing and we are looking forward to a great time. I may have gotten ahead of myself in the initial posts and would like to explain. My original intent...
  2. myjunk

    What is it?

    I need some help identifying this mini bike. Thanks you help
  3. myjunk

    NOS Rupp Trials tires 14x6

    Shameless self promotion, but what do you do. 2 NOS Rupp Trials tires eBay item number: 115249410663
  4. myjunk

    Any interest in a mini bike roundup in Northern Michigan?

    Would there be any interest in having a mini bike gathering and tour this summer in Northern Michigan? I own a 1100acre farm and winery located in Central Lake Mi and enjoy driving my mini bikes through the cherry orchards and seasonal dirt roads. If this has enough interest, I would provide a...
  5. myjunk

    I dont see a mark on the crankshaft for timing.

    I am working on a Tecumseh h35 . When I got it it had a habit of firing partway through the pulling of the rope and just about taking my hand with it. I have to assume its a timing issue. So I set the points at 020 while the lobe was at its highest point. I then put a dial indicator on it ready...
  6. myjunk

    Tecumseh h35 head torque and pattern

    Im sure this question must come up often but what is the correct torque for the cylinder head and pattern? thank you
  7. myjunk

    Kind of a cool frame but what is it?

    I bet this was a cool bike in its day. What was it?
  8. myjunk

    Just an old mini bike

    Anyone know what it is?
  9. myjunk

    Any old chainsaw guys out there?

    I recently bought this old chainsaw, I believe it to be a McCulloch as the gas cap says so. But other than that I cant find a model number or a tag. If anyone knows , please let me know. Thanks for the help
  10. myjunk

    Help from old helmet collectors

    I have a hunch that if you are like me you also have a couple of old vintage helmets displayed around your shop (or maybe house). I just picked up this Vintage Polaris snowmobile helmet and wonder if anyone else has one like it. The logo is throwing me off a bit. I l also have a picture of the...
  11. myjunk

    Unknown mini bike fender

    Im not sure what bike this many have originally went with but it is built very heavy. Perhaps somebody can use it $15 plus shipping. Thank you
  12. myjunk

    What is it?

    I have a feeling its sort of a mixed breed, but I'm sure someone will know. Thanks
  13. myjunk

    Cool old Mini bike gas 5 gallon mixing can

    I found this old gas can and thought it was very cool because it not only said it was for a snowmobile, but that it also mentioned mini bikes. Can is in nice shape and it has a picture of an old snowmobile, and stated it was for 2 cycle engines.
  14. myjunk

    John Deere bicycles

    I thought I would post a picture of the 2 John Deere bicycles I have. I recently acquired these, they are all original and even had the sales slip from 1976. They are not terribly collectible but they sure are cool.
  15. myjunk

    Is this an ARCO ez rider?

    I know its an ARCO, but I want to know what model it is. The tag reads 4911, I dont see anything listed under that number. Also what year would this be? It does have a snowblower engine in it, what would be the correct engine? Thanks for the help
  16. myjunk

    While strolling through the junkyard. Help Id.

    I saw this old steering wheel in the junkyard and had to have it. Obviously, it doesn't belong on an Allis Chalmers tractor. Since most mini bike guys also like old cars I thought I would ask and see if anyone knows. Thanks
  17. myjunk

    Hilltopper frame and front tire $50

    Can anyone use this Hilltopper frame? I live in Central Lake mi and would prefer to have it picked up vs shipping. $50 includes the frame and tire.
  18. myjunk

    Bonanza mini buggy

    I decided not to restore it but rather make it look a little better and have some fun with it. I dont have to worry about it getting dirty, or if I scrape it I wont be heartbroken. Since i live in Michigan it could be a few months before I get a chance to actually ride it! Anybody else on here...
  19. myjunk

    Simple wiring question

    I am putting a key switch in a go kart I am working on. The engine is a JLO snowmobile engine, coming from it are 4 wire, 2 yellows a black and a blue. The blue hooks to the coil and also has a black wire attached to i that kills the engine when grounded. My question is where do the wires...
  20. myjunk

    wanted Rupp RMT 80 igniton switch

    Im still looking for a Rupp RMT80 ignition switch. Please let me know if you can help. Thank you