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  1. minibikedude

    Old school solo water sking machine

    I took a picture of this at the Portland show this last weekend. It's neat, I never seen one before, It has a small out board motor in it, It was last registered in Michigan in 74 if I remember right by the water craft decal on hood. Not sure of the maker. But cool. Sorry I didn't get more...
  2. minibikedude

    Bonanza 1510 find.

    Found this Bonanza 1510 at the Portland show this year. Clean bike but missing the Hodaka engine gas tank and seat. Fenders are there but i'm missing the fender bracket. Forks are free now with a little lube and the chrome is good for a rider. I'm going to go through it and make a nice rider...
  3. minibikedude

    Pictures please of the Stock 5hp Briggs throttle

    I picked up a Bonanza that has a nice clean 5hp Briggs. I did a search to find how the stock minibike return throttle linkage should be set up on here. Not having good luck finding it, Can someone post some pictures. I think the on my engine is not set up correctly. Need some pictures of how...
  4. minibikedude

    Blackwidow for Windber 2013

    I got it almost done. And in time for Windber. This is a bike i've been wanting to build for some time. I started with a 72 Rupp/JC Penny's swinger roller and parts I have been gathering for some time now. I used a very clean a low hour HS50 off a snow blower, One the cleanest engines I ever...
  5. minibikedude

    43rd B-day today.

    43 years,where they go. LOL Its been a good day so far. Nice day here in Ohio 78 degrees and sunny. Worked on my new Rupp that's going to Windber this year. Gave the DMV 320 bucks for plate renewals. Took minibike ride. And going to grill out tonight and have some cocktails.
  6. minibikedude

    Fat tire bike for sale

    I seen these kits for the 250R three wheeler conversions by missile in the past. There kinda rare. Sure wish I had the money to make a offer on it. This one really cool. Thought I share it,I found it on 3ww for sale.
  7. minibikedude

    Here a trike for any old ATC guy out there.

    This is posted in the Detroit C/L. Its a Honda CB350 converted to a ATC. looks like old HHP swing arm conversion.
  8. minibikedude

    Super bronc stock throttle linkage

    I did a quick search on here but this will be quicker. I,m putting my Super Bronc 8hp (HM80) engine back together after 6 moths apart, I painting it all up and I manage to lose the pictures I took of the stock set up for the linkage. I have the drop down intake with the carburetor sitting along...
  9. minibikedude

    Silver lake MI Apple, BQ Fest Sept 7-8

    I was up to Silver lake, Michigan last weekend to play at the sand dunes again. There was a festival going on there that weekend. I found some minbikes at the car and buggy show. I think I have seen these bikes before at Motorcitymini's shows. I also found a Trail 70 one of the locals rides...
  10. minibikedude

    Green DB30 modified.

    I looking to sell my 2008 DB30. I modified after i bought it. Bike was bought new. It has a new Tecumseh 6hp Powersport on it with a Comet TAV. I added the front brake to it and rear hydraulic brake, Both fenders have been lowered on front and rear. It only has maybe 2 hours of run time on it...
  11. minibikedude

    OldMiniBikes warehouse Rupp exhuast pipe.

    I purchased some items yesterday and notice that they carry a Rupp exhaust pipe now for 35 bucks for the 70 and up Rupp's, I assume, Has anyone tried one yet, If so, does anyone have a picture of it on the bike. Rupp Mini Bike Pipe HS40 HS50
  12. minibikedude

    Show us your Super Bronc's Or Heald products

    With a lot of guys working on Super Bronc's lately and some other Heald products being restored, I figured I would start a photo post that included all the bikes in one thread. It should help guys out while restoring there bikes or for ideas for there restorations. Also complete original bikes...
  13. minibikedude

    For the Gun lovers out there.

    I have this posted in my indoor air pistol range in my basement. I thought guys that are into guns will find it funny.
  14. minibikedude

    Show us your 14" Speedway bikes

    I thought I start a post with all the 14" wheeled Speedway bikes. There has been a lot members with them past and present. I hope this will make it easier to get ideas for restoring ones own bike in the future. Here is mine, and it not done yet. But, I have been collecting most the stuff to...
  15. minibikedude

    WTB Old Comet Clutch Part

    I have a old Comet TAV 5/8" Clutch that has one broken plastic guide. Does anyone know if there are any available anywhere, I haven't found any. Or do I just J.B. weld the piece back in place. Looks like these style ramps, Is what I think there called.
  16. minibikedude

    MTD Columbia Mud Bug.

    I picked up this Old MTD Columbia Mud Bug today. It has a failed attempt of someone trying to put a snowmobile engine in it. I guess its good it was never finished. Someone with stick welder with no experience welded rebar and chrome tube on the back end for who knows what reason! I removed the...
  17. minibikedude

    One more project done!

    I took a while, but I brought another 81 Honda ATC110 back to life. It maybe be soon on it way to a new home.
  18. minibikedude

    Custom Radio Flyer Wagons.

    I picked up a set of ATW wagon wheel assembles last spring to build a wagon for swap meets. I was doing some research on radio flyer wagons and ran across this site. I though it was cool and thought I share it. This company is in California. They make some low rider kits for the wagons and other...
  19. minibikedude

    Pictures from Last Chance Minibike show 9-2011

    I didn't take a lot of pictures of the show but I'll post the ones I took. Add any of your photo's to this post of the event.
  20. minibikedude

    Finally got a Super Bronc.

    I Finally got a Super Bronc with a 8hp Tecumseh, I work out a deal on this site with one of the members to get this Bronc, I,m happy with it. Thanks go to Bill I,m excited to get it up and running in time for the Fall show that motorcitymini is putting on in 2 weeks. I,m going to do a quick...