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  1. leathernun666

    Heathkit Boonie

    Selling my Boonie Roller. Comes with everything but motor. New seat, new reprod unction clutch cover, and ski. $500 firm ! I have way more in it. This is the cleanest frame I have ever seen.
  2. leathernun666

    Wards T777

    Selling my Wards T777. Has new 10hp Tec on it. New original Comet TAV . New seat and cables chains etc. I restored this years ago and has been collecting dust ever since. It is pictured with a Briggs motor but has since been swapped for the Tecumseh. $800 Firm
  3. leathernun666

    K&S Hornet Hardtail Deluxe

    Mostly complete except for fenders and clutchguard. The motor apprars to be Original. But somebody has hillbilly rig the throttle and the governor but it does run. The Chrome underneath the crappy paint still have some shine to it and no heavy pItting.. Could be an easy restore. $400 local...
  4. leathernun666

    looking for T777 fenders

    Looking for a good or repairable set. Also interested in perhaps a fiberglass repop.
  5. leathernun666

    Is it just me ??

    I used to live and breathe this site. Over the past year or so because of my job I have not been able to spend much time on here. Got custody of my kids and work is a lot of hours. It seems like there have been many changes on here ..I have not been a supporting member for a couple years now. I...
  6. leathernun666


    Looking for h50-h70 Tecumseh blower housing without electric start
  7. leathernun666

    Trail Horse GT 100

    Yeah I decided I am gonna sell this instead of staring at it. New everything !!!! Motor was completely rebuilt by Randi 125cccrazy This bike is very very nice It has zero miles ... No gas in motor since finished. $800 would rather not ship. Can meet someone half way if in the tristate...
  8. leathernun666

    Trail Horse GT100

    Ok so I decided not to get into the build off this year because I didn't know what kind of time I would have to devote to this project. And after the last one I was kind of discouraged anyways. so I decided to pump out three in the time that most people get one . Here is what I started with , a...
  9. leathernun666

    Selling Trail Horse and Trailblazer

    Both have been restored. New eveything. The Horse has an HS50 and the Blazer a brand new P. redator. I will not ship. But I can deliver to the Ann Arbor show if paid in full ahead of time. The Blazer could use a new seat. The buyer that I built it for is off work sure to an injury...
  10. leathernun666

    My latest project

    Had 3 of them sitting in the garage and last week I decided to get busy. Here is number #1. This was just a frame I got from my buddy Steve aka RPOL89 . It has all new wheels , tires, seat, etc...The motor is an HS50. Paint is Black hammer finish with Dupli Color Clear Effex over top. Changes...
  11. leathernun666


    Nice Hs50 super compression and spark. Needas a carb and tank. Fresh paint. $200 shipped east of Mississippi $220 west of.. Text 330-780-8754 for pics
  12. leathernun666

    Heathkit Boonie or Hilltopper ski

    I have a Heathkit ski that I have been holding onto for a long time. It is red and in excellent condition comes with assembly manual. I decided I'm probably never going to use it so I need to pass it on. $200 shipped firm. Text me for pictures 330 - 780 - 8754. Thanks
  13. leathernun666

    Having trouble removing bearings from aluminum mag

    Like a big dummy:doah: I didn't take them out before I got them blasted. Now they have grit in them . The very first one I tried to get out is giving me fits. Trail horse alum mag. I have tried my old stand by method of using a deep well socket from behind and punching them through with a rubber...
  14. leathernun666

    Trail Horse frame w suspended front end

    Freshly sandblasted T.H frame .. no wheels or fenders. Couple of small issues but very nice. Call or text 330-780-8754 and I will send you pics. $150 would like to sell it locally but I will ship at your cost.
  15. leathernun666

    various parts

    4" Double Indian head Carlisle sawtooth tire on steel wheel . Just blasted . Nice shape $40 1 and a half Trail horse fenders lol. It will need some love but I have fixed worse. $20 Trail Horse kickstand. Pitted but useable $10 Tecumseh / Trail Horse muffler $8 brand new #40...
  16. leathernun666

    My stable is full of Trail Horses

    Just picked this baby up last week. Missing the rear wheel but hey it was a 4" anyways...Now I have 4 of them to build over the winter if I ever get the time :hammer::grind:
  17. leathernun666

    Rupp horse lol

    (Mini bike) Rupp seat scrub brake not original copper plumbing pipe use for spacers no fenders the list goes on I know the wheels aren't original but that doesn't even bother me. . What makes it worth $500 is what I wanna know:shrug:
  18. leathernun666

    Nice paint ??? WTF ???

    (Baja Double Bug -Nice Paint) :out::out::out:
  19. leathernun666

    1969 Retek Cheetah

    Big tire ultra rare 1969 Retek Cheetah mini bike Well after 3 years it's finally finished ..98% . Now I need to sell it asap ...New everything !! My inbox is full so call me 330-780 8754 $1500 obo Will post a couple pics in a few
  20. leathernun666

    1969 Retek Cheetah

    Well after 3 years it's finally finished ..98% . Now I need to sell it asap ...New everything !! My inbox is full so call me 330-780 8754 $1500 obo Will post a couple pics in a few