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  1. oldfatguy

    Old Fat Guy's Maga Garage

    Garage Sale, I am having a garage sale by appointment only. Everything is pickup only. I have complete bikes, a nice complete Arco roller. I have piles of engines for sale, boxes full of parts,NOS parts. have engines hs 40, hs 35. hs50 ,5hp briggs , 3hp briggs all kinds of lots of hard to...
  2. oldfatguy

    Briggs 575 engine for sale from a bradly tractor

    I have a 5.3/4 hp Briggs for sale it's probably from the mid 50s . Ratty looking original gold paint but all complete and runs perfect. I think they used these on tote goats or something like it. Pick up only in Sussex NJ 100.00 bucks. First of the aluminium block engines.
  3. oldfatguy

    white hunt wilde foot grips

    Vintage Hunt Wilde Bicycle Lawn Mower Roto Tiller Tractor Utility Grips | eBay I found these while searching for some foot grips for my Arco. They are not an exact match for the originals but will look close enough. i bought a set and there are still a few left.
  4. oldfatguy

    Arco mini bike fender

    looking for a front fender with decent chrome or my Arco roller
  5. oldfatguy

    ultimate off road sled

    The Ultimate Off-Road Sled is Electric | The Offroader this is a great idea.
  6. oldfatguy

    Microfiche reader

    I have a Microfiche reader if anyone needs one. I will post some pictures of if it if anyone is interested in it. Oh yeah and this is being offered for the bargain basement low price of FREE but it is pickup only.
  7. oldfatguy

    did you vote today ?

    I hope everyone did. Go out and make a choice or someone else will choose for you.
  8. oldfatguy

    stellar mark 2

    Stellar Mini Bike H60 Tecumseh Slideshow by oldfatguy | Photobucket I really hate to part with this one but I'm at a point where there are just too many bikes taking over my garage. This bike still has it's original tires and seat. It has a good running h60 on it with a ball bearing side...
  9. oldfatguy

    bonanza mb 300 on ebay

    Vintage Old School Minibike Frame Rupp Lil Indian Arco Bonanza Sears | eBay it's a good deal except for the shipping :laugh:
  10. oldfatguy

    one mans junk is another mans gold

    a guy at work was about to toss the drive section of a snow blower into the dumpster at work. We ended up tossing it into the back of my truck instead. He seemed bewildered that anyone would want it . Anyway, I scored a nice hs50 Tecumseh, a 3 speed gear box with reverse, and two nice wheels and...
  11. oldfatguy

    chainsaw not powerfull enough

    V-8 Chain Saw in Action! you need a V8 :eek:
  12. oldfatguy

    hemi trike,

    Tim Cotterill " The Frogman", Rocket 2 Trike. Size Does Matter - YouTube this doesn't fit with mini bikes but it does sound awesome. they say it makes 1200 horsepower. that's like over 200 5hp briggs engines all running at the same time.:laugh:
  13. oldfatguy

    terrorist have stolen ebola

    Looters Target Ebola Quarantine Center, Steal Blood-Stained Bedding Among Other Items let's hope that they can't just walk over the border and into the country with it.
  14. oldfatguy

    another tecumseh engine selling for big bucks

    Tecumseh H35 3 5 HP Mini Bike Engine XL 350 1968 Mini Rupp Motor | eBay someone must have really wanted it
  15. oldfatguy

    the pipe guy

    Pipe Guy - House/Trance/Techno Live - YouTube
  16. oldfatguy

    bought another Arco

    I got this one off of ebay for 100 bucks. I couldn't resist it was only about 10 miles away. I just picked it up tonight, it's a nice straight frame plus it has the original grips and wheels and tires still on it. Not sure yet about the seat if it is original or not. It is missing the brake...
  17. oldfatguy

    New Jersey's walking bear

    Curious or Creepy? Is the 'Walking Bear' of NJ for Real? | CNS News this is kind of cool but creepy too
  18. oldfatguy

    went to visit the world trade center today

    World Trade Center Slideshow by oldfatguy | Photobucket We took the ferry from Jersey City over to NYC . I took some good photos and video and thought that I would share them with those of you that live too far and have never been there.
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    yup, just started sipping some of junior Johnson's moonshine. I won't be doing much riding today LOL
  20. oldfatguy

    vampire deer yup it's real. better make those tree stands higher