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  1. Cleturner


    Bonanza RS 2000 Muskin HSE kart...
  2. Cleturner

    Jack shaft disc break

    Can anyone give me some insight on how to mount the caliper to the disc break set up. I have 1100 bonanza hardtail.... any assistance would be deeply appreciated.... Sent from my iPhone using OldMiniBikes mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  3. Cleturner

    Bonanza Minibike parts

    Hello everyone it’s been some time since my last post. I was hoping some of you Bonanza specialist can assist me on obtaining some parts like front and rear fenders chrome? As well as someone who could direct me to a vintage seat for a 1100? If anyone can help I’d be deeply appreciated thanks!
  4. Cleturner

    Bonanza parts wanted

    Im looking for seat, scrub break, fenders, chrome shocks.....
  5. Cleturner

    bonanza/ fenders wanted! CA$H! need'm bad .

    Im in deep need of fenders! A scrub break! Chrome tank!!! Any help with this will be appreciated!!!
  6. Cleturner

    1100 Bonanza/ 1969 Indian Papoose

    Hello everyone my names Cle and I was hoping to obtain some parts for a couple projects im trying to assemble.. I have a 1100 bonanza? i need front and rear fenders, 3/4 chain tensioners, seat and scrub break. also i have an1969 indian papoose in which im trying to obtain an engine i think its...
  7. Cleturner

    italjet minorelli motori p 4 or p450

    Hello everyone its been a while but i was hoping someone that could point me in the direction of a motor for my indian.....thanks
  8. Cleturner

    minarelli p4

    I'm trying to get a hold of a minarelli p4 50 cc for an Indian motorcycle..... Its an old Floyd clymer bike. If anyone has one for sale I got the cash or a lead I'd deeply appreciate it....thanks
  9. Cleturner

    bonanza parts

    Im looking for bonanza fenders.... im really looking for the front fender w/mudflap......
  10. Cleturner

    minarelli engine

    im in deep need of a minarelli p4-50 to complete a project....if anyone have a engine i got the cash....
  11. Cleturner

    aftermarket motor

    hello all i was wondering if it were possible to put this motor on my indian papoose? please help
  12. Cleturner

    italjet motor

    i purchased a indian comes with a motori minarelli p450 according to indiam ownership forum.... I was hoping to find a good motor,used,replica, or aftermarket upgrade....
  13. Cleturner

    motori minarelli p450

    i just purchased a indian papoose and from the research I've read it came with a motori minarelli motor p450 if anyone can assist me with a motor set up I,de appreciate it thanks...
  14. Cleturner

    1969 lil Indian papoose

    I found a 1969 papoose pretty much all is there except for the motor....question is will it be possible to get a motor? It still has Cali plates!!!!! Please help.
  15. Cleturner

    bonanza clutch cover

    I need a clutch cover and hardware for my bonanza.
  16. Cleturner

    bonanza dragbike

    hello everyone to this forum and i was hoping someone could gie me some insight on the steps in assembling a drag bike.... i have several projects but the motor is what i need to know about... i hear theres motors that can go 80mph... how does one do this?
  17. Cleturner

    bonanza fenders

    Hello everyone new here....just trying to put an old bonanza together trying to find a set of fenders?...maybe chain guard? thanks
  18. Cleturner

    mtd hustler

    hello again everyone looking for a mtd roller preferably in california. thanks
  19. Cleturner

    MTD hustler

    hello everyone im new to the forum.... ive been looking over the different styles of minibikes and the hustler is the one for me. if you have a frame, forks, and rear swing arm you have a buyer. please pm me thanks