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  1. ibspector01

    "Lil" Indian

    5hp Tecumseh ohv. Genuine Comet TAV. $550.
  2. ibspector01

    Roper leftovers

    Somehow I've managed to collect a few Ropers. This one had some serious high-speed forks and the neck plate was pretty messed-up. I decided to extend the swing arm 4 1/2" and cut the neck apart and add some rake. I had another front end and some 8" wheels and tires. I had a Raptor and a...
  3. ibspector01

    Universal chain adjuster

    I got tired of always having to use some kind of pry bar and an extra set of hands when it was time to adjust the chains on our fleet of mini's. I cut up some 1/4" wall square tubing and used what I had in the shop to make a removable chain adjuster. I used 3/8" all thread and a 3/8" coupling...
  4. ibspector01

    Square_Chopper's BC 1300 Hood Rat update

    ...So I got this sweet GX 160 from Rocco and I needed to put it on something.Since Jake's Hood Rat lives in my garage it seemed like a likely candidate. The Hood Rat has now become the Hood Hot Rod Rat and I haven't found the top end yet. Thanks Rocco.:thumbsup:
  5. ibspector01

    Tecumseh Star Parts

    I'm looking for a stock Star crankshaft and camshaft. Any help or leads appreciated.
  6. ibspector01

    Tecumseh Star?

    Can anyone help me identify this engine? I think it might be a Star. Thanks
  7. ibspector01

    Hood Rat vs. Roper Rat

    South Florida OldMiniBikes racing team. Jake and I racing each other at the Billetproof Drags.
  8. ibspector01

    Bonanza Brotherhood

    Will this get me in the Bonanza Brotherhood?
  9. ibspector01

    Next year's Windber ride?

    I picked this up on our ride home from Windber. Should be able to make a rider in a year.
  10. ibspector01

    There's a reason I live in south Florida...

    We had a cold front today :smile:
  11. ibspector01

    Old style shroud question

    Has anyone put an old style shroud from a points type engine on a newer style engine with electronic ignition? I have a newer 3.5 hp side popper and I would like to use a shroud I have from a hs40. It seems to fit but the starter cups and recoils are different. Any ideas?
  12. ibspector01

    ibspector01's Stellar

    Jake talked me into this.:rolleyes:
  13. ibspector01

    Looking for Sears Roper fenders

    I'm looking for fenders for a Sears Roper with 6" wheels.
  14. ibspector01

    HS50 oil seal for ball bearing side cover

    Where can I get an oil seal for an HS50 with a ball bearing side cover? Engine # is: HS50-67124D. Most of the illustrated parts lists I have found don't show it.
  15. ibspector01

    1969 Rupp Sprint Brake

    I need a rear brake for a 1969 Rupp Sprint or Digger. A backing plate would also work. The one I have is badly worn.
  16. ibspector01

    HS40 slanted intake

    Does anyone have a slanted intake for a Tec HS40? Square_Chopper has need of one.
  17. ibspector01

    CL Has Been Good to Us This Week

    Added another mostly original, mostly complete roper to the flock and a JCPenney el Tigre for good measure. :thumbsup: Wrong forks on the El Tigre, but it's still a really neat looking little frame. Usually don't find much vintage stuff around here...... it's been a good week! :biggrin...
  18. ibspector01

    HS 40 help

    I have an HS 40 that I would like to freshen up. It has an aluminum cylinder that is lightly scored. I think the cylinder has worn to where it has little or no compression. I'm thinking that a .010 oversize piston and new rings will clean it up. Can the aluminum cylinder be bored? Everything...
  19. ibspector01

    Ranches Road Gang

    This is a lot of fun.:scooter:
  20. ibspector01

    5 HP Tecumseh flathead

    I'm looking for a 5 or 6 HP Tecumseh flathead for a 1969 Sears Roper. I have an H35 and an H40 but I'd like to have a little more power. The 2 HP Briggs on it now isn't enough.