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    Powell Challenger Front (small) Sprocket Rebuild?

    The front (small) sprocket on my Challenger is worn with "shark fin" teeth. I can't seem to find any posts that detail a rebuild or fix for this. Anyone tackled this project who is willing to share their experience? Thanks in advance. Todd
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    5HP Flat Head Piston Ring End Gap?

    Kool-Bore aluminum bore. What is the ring end gap range? Thanks.
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    Powell Fork Bearing Size? HELP!

    Can anyone tell me the dimensions of the two roller bearings that support the steering stem????? Mine are mangled beyond repair and I can't seem to come up with anything on Ebay that matches my measurements. Thanks.
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    Powell Challenger Tire Question --2 or 4 ply Carlisle?

    I see Carlisle has a 2 and 4 ply tire that should fit this machine. Does anyone have experience with the 4 ply? Original worn out Generals seem to be a really stiff sidewall, and I was thinking the 4 ply would be a better choice for stability and flat prevention. What are your thoughts? Thanks.