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  1. Spyderdregg

    Rowdy Roddy Piper R.I.P

    I loved wrestling as a kid in the 80's and Roddy Piper was one of my favorites.R.I.P Hot Rod.
  2. Spyderdregg

    So I finally got a Hemi...Now what???

    Went up to HF today and surprise surprise,they had a lone Hemi sitting amongst the 5 or 6 regular Predators. Now I wasn't looking to pick up an engine today but I figured I'd better grab it up while I could.Now after giving it a quick look over when I got home,I realized that I would need to...
  3. Spyderdregg

    It's not even that fast.

  4. Spyderdregg

    Looking for Speedway or Arctic cat gas tank.

    As the title says I'm seeking a gas tank from a Speedway or Arctic cat.Preferably something that's not rusted all to hell,a little rust is fine but definitely something that doesn't leak.Would also like a tank that has a cap(so I don't have to go crazy looking for one :laugh:)just want a cool...
  5. Spyderdregg

    MTD/Columbia build-off bike.

    Well I have to make room for my Cats so I have to part with my Build-off bike from a couple years ago. HS50 engine runs great but carb will need rebuilt. I've only ridden this bike a few times,tires are pretty much new. $400 OBO.Will not part out.Local pick up only.
  6. Spyderdregg

    Spyder's HUMONGOUS sale!!!

    Well not humongous but I did decide what I was keeping from my latest estate sale find,and here's whats up for sale..... White Tec gas tank with brackets $35+shipping Metal Tec gas tank.A couple light rust spots inside $50+shipping Briggs 3.5 shroud $15+shipping Tec...
  7. Spyderdregg

    This has got to be homemade.

    If not it's the ugliest production mini ever made. RIDGE RUNNER MINI BIKE
  8. Spyderdregg

    Estate sale score

    Went to an estate sale Sat and saw this old wooden beverage crate with a bunch of tins and gas tanks and such.The guy said I could have the whole thing for $10.Didn't really dig through it all that much but I could see the stuff inside was totally worth the 10 bucks so I bought it.When I got...
  9. Spyderdregg

    Cat fork

    Looking for the lower part of these cat forks,they came off an Eliminator...... prefer the lowers be straight and not cost me a kidney or my left arm :laugh::laugh::laugh: thanks. Also may be interested in forks from another bike that will work with my duster frame,let me know what ya...
  10. Spyderdregg

    New summer project,stretched Cat lowrider

    Figured I start a project log for my latest would-be creation.By starting a thread on it ,it may motivate me to actually finish it.:laugh: I picked up a Duster frame from Andy(capguncowboy),it's a little beat up but very solid and the price couldn't be beat(thanks Andy :thumbsup: ) I'm...
  11. Spyderdregg

    Quick question on hydralic disk brake

    I'm about to start a new project and need a little advise.I'm going to be using 10in wheels like these, On the drive side I'm using a 53 tooth split sprocket setup.I was wondering if it seems fee sable to mount one of these, on the other half of the wheel to use as a brake rotor,after cutting...
  12. Spyderdregg

    Fishing the pools of OldMiniBikes knowledge.

    Me and a Buddy of mine were talking the other day and we came up with what may be a completely insane project for this summer.First we were discussing building a drag mini utilizing a rotary engine(if we can find one)but I wanted to do something cooler.My buddy and me are avid World of Warcraft...
  13. Spyderdregg

    This looks like way too much fun.
  14. Spyderdregg

    A hard lesson learned

    This past weekend my father passed away.I haven't seen or talked to the man in 24 years,we had a major blow out when I was 18 and I left and never looked back.He was a very overbearing man and I was,well,I was 18 and quite the A**hole in my own right.Both of us were also as stubborn as you could...
  15. Spyderdregg

    Damn I wish these exsisted.......

    The Trans Am has always been my favorite cars(except for the 80's when they changed the body to that aerodynamic design,yuk)I'd love to own a modern TA like this.(and yes I know its just a revamped Camero but damn it still is sweet)
  16. Spyderdregg

    Never seen one of these before

    Carter Brothers Shortster Mini Bike
  17. Spyderdregg

    Wow what a beauty.

    nice mini bike frame
  18. Spyderdregg

    For the GWAR fans.

    Gwar’s Oderus Urungus Was Laid To Rest With A Viking Funeral
  19. Spyderdregg

    Night under fire.

    Went to the Summit racing park's Night under fire yesterday and had a complete blast.I've been to the races before but this was my first time seeing Top fuel in person.....I loved it! When those things go past it's like someone punched you in the chest. :laugh: Also a lot of vintage Mini's...
  20. Spyderdregg

    What is/was this?

    Just curious. Very unique 8 H.P. large minibike (L@@K!L@@K!L@@K!) The real deal