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    white smoke after oil change....???

    I just changed my oil for the first time in my 6.5 clone. I tipped it forward (away from the cylinder) to drain old oil. Pored some oil back in it, until it started pouring out of the dipstick hole. went to put the engine on the lawn and start it up, and billows of never ending white smoke...
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    ANYONE?? - Stock 6.5 Clone Carb in michigan?

    I know many of you guys rip off the crappy stock carb from your clones.. well I goofed mine up tonight. :doah: :out: So if anyone in Michigan has one of these lying around that they are not attached to, let me know. Thanks -T
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    is this salvageable? Cylinder Gouge

    I try starting my engine today, and its frozen. :censure: so I open it up, and find the cylinder wall all torn up. so I but some oil on top of the piston, and it freed it up. maybe this is due to no oil flow? I think the rings are to blame - or is it no oil flow. But my question is, can...
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    What do I have here?

    I have aquired this motor. And the only thing I was told is that I should definetly change the gaskets and oil seals.... So this makes me wonder what happened. Lots if hours? Or am overheat? Or what.... Anyway, is there any info the number plate can tell me? And is there a good manual for...
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    I was told its from 1972---any guess?

    Notice the small spring shock in the fork bolt, maybe its a clue. and a band brake on the rear wheel... NOT original wheels, I have the origonal wheels, if you need it helps, let me know and I will get a pic posted It has a lil' 2 hp briggs that was the "original" engine... (maybe) any...
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    Just picked up this old frame that someone took good care of. its nice and clean, no welds and panted half way decent. but it had a 2 hp engine on it. and I have been needing a reason to mount my new 6.5 clone on a bike. so I put it on first thing tonight, and I am blown away with the...
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    Awesome trike 125cc 4 gear manual but I dont need it.

    [PRICE_ADJUST]Awesome trike 125cc 4 gear manual but I dont need it. Hey, I have a 80's Suzuki atl125 that has 1600 miles on it. The thing is in new condition other than a sticker pealing, and a lil crack on the fender. ha4 gears, manual with auto trans.... Full of power, runs and...
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    Oil temp gauge

    I was thinking about putting an oil temp gauge on my minibike. I would have to drill and tap a hole in my crankcase for the sensor. And I would need a lil voltage for the gauge (I think it's just for the backlight).ha Anyone here have any input on this? Has anyone seen this done, or done it...
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    Milky oil after oil change? Hs35

    Hey Guys, I finally changed the oil in my new (to me) hs35. The old oil was dirty, but still slick, and black and the dip stick looked was clean (other than the oil). Then I pulled the plug, let it drain poured in some BP 10w-30 weight oil. started her up, and it seemed to be running just...
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    oil spilled out from where? / id engine

    I am new to the forum, and i must say that i have enjoyed every minute reading about this "odd ball" passion of mine. so my bike was on its kickstand running tonight, i let it warm up and then a sound of crashing hit my ears. I assumed the chain popped or something, but as i walked over to...