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  1. RustyRedneck

    Anything Goes - Rusty Redneck's Polamaha Go-kart

    Hey guys, here's my entry for the build-off this year. Not a mini-bike by any means but I think it fits in the anything goes class. I'm realizing a dream a friend of mine used to have and eventually sold to me. He and his brother were going to build a go-kart using the front end, rear end...
  2. RustyRedneck

    Mini Drag Bike?

    I've almost got my 2017 OldMiniBikes Build-off bike done (a little late, I know) and I'm already thinking about next years. I was just curious if anybody actually drag races mini bikes. I've seen a few that are built like hey might go in a straight line pretty well but, is it actually a thing or is it...
  3. RustyRedneck

    Fox Sprite brake woes

    As some of you may know, I'm working on my Fox Sprite mini bike for the 2017 OldMiniBikes Build off. Anyway, I've run into a little snag. The rear brake pads have separated from the shoes due to rust. I'm curious if you guys know where I cold get new ones or how I can reattach the old ones. Thanks!
  4. RustyRedneck

    Homebuilt mini-chopper

    Hey guys. Got a lead on a home built mini chopper. That's what it looks like to me anyway. I'm going to buy it Friday night. The deal has already been made and I can't wait. Like I said, it looks like it's home made but I'm not sure. Any input? Thanks for looking!
  5. RustyRedneck

    RustyRedneck's - Fox Sprite - (Vintage Open)

    Hey fellas. Here's my entry into the 2017 OldMiniBikes Build Off. It's my '60 or '70s Fox Sprite. I'm not sure what I'll be doing for engine but It definitely will not be factory to the bike so I'm entering the Vintage Open class. Here's he kicker for me. I'm going to try to get it done by working...
  6. RustyRedneck

    Cushman Trailster reassambly

    Hey fellas, I dug out my Cushman trailster last night and started putting it back together. Might try to get it in a winter car show coming up in February. I think I've found most of the parts for it but I'm not sure. Mainly what I'm concerned about is the transmission. I have the...
  7. RustyRedneck

    Mini bike frame picking

    Hey guys, I'm picking up a Sprite Fox Mini bike frame tomorrow. If I remember right it has everything but the engine. What kind of engine should I be looking for if I were to put it pack to original? Also, I'm working on a deal on a Sensation Mini Bike frame. It's ride-able as is. The guy...
  8. RustyRedneck

    Montgomery Wards mini bike chain woes

    Hey fellas, I got a Montgomery Wards mini bike years ago for Christmas from my grandpa, rode it for a while, parked it in the shed and haven't done anything with it for years. Lately I've been thinking about it more and more and want to get it back out this spring once it warms up around here...
  9. RustyRedneck

    Any Mini-Bike Events in South Dakota?

    I'm fairly new to the mini-bike world. I've had a Montgomery Wards Mini-bike and a Terrain Cycle for years but I've never heard of any mini bike events in or near South Dakota, where I'm from. Is there anything like that going on in South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, or Iowa? Cushman...
  10. RustyRedneck

    In...Just a bit: Off-topic

    Hey fellas, glad to be a member. I've got a few mini bikes; Cushman Trailster, Doodlebug, Sprite Fox, Montgomery Wards, Cagllari, and I'd like to know more about the older ones. I've been messing around with small engines, tractors, cars, pickups, and basically anything with moving parts for...