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    71 Rupp Roadster2 Seat Cover Lettering?
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    212cc Stage 1 with stock muffler is ok? It's a big ticket. Mufflers—Experience and tests have shown that mufflers, in general, are inadequate as spark arresters. Few muffler devices submitted for formal tests meet the requirements of Forest Service...
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    200cc Small frame, fast pickup?

    Blame the rabbit
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    Wichita Kansas

    Yes. and not right now. Dorrance/ Wilson KS. and California. Moving the hell out and coming home to the ranch.
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    Larger more tooth replacement jackshaft sprocket for a 1971 Rupp Roadster 2

    I beleave you have a telescoping front end. Place a L bracket on the upper portion using a hose clamp (you don't want this permanent). Replace the spring with a piece of pull cable like what is inside your control cables. You can use the crimp end from a wire connector as a crimp band to put a...
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    Larger more tooth replacement jackshaft sprocket for a 1971 Rupp Roadster 2
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    Little Gen mini with side car - help needed

    And the rabbet gets another one.
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    Getting close

    I may just clear coat. I was going to powder but it is going to be used on the Kansas farm so...... Christmas day two years ago at Old salts place.
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    Getting close

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    Fuel school

    Abandoned Kmarts?
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    Fuel school

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    Axle locator wear

    Welders never drill a hole in the wrong place, why? The first thing you learn is how to weld them shut and "move" them:cool:. A mid to large weld shop will have an " iron worker". This machine is a hole punch for steel, a welder can weld the punched steel back into holes if needed. I also used...
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    Axle locator wear

    Short answer blow the paint off, weld the holes shut and re drill.
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    MANCO Thunderbird - engine suggestion
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    AWD scooter

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    My modest collection...

    I have an update on mine. It is a komet motor, and is now on the survivor list You have a Hartman (as you're aware), It's a 1977 Blue Streak with a Komet K55 reed engine. It's a very desirable kart for vintage enthusiasts and yours is period correct, it appears to have been repainted but could...
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    1974 Rupp "Herbie" go kart

    At the drive in no less