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  1. diggers

    Wanted a nice black tecumseh tank

    Looking for a nice used or NOS black tank for a hs motor don’t matter center or side fill thanks
  2. diggers

    Wanted a 68’-69’ briggs 5hp shroud

    Looking for a briggs 5hp shroud 1968 or 1969 thanks
  3. diggers

    Looking to buy sears roper rear grab bar

    Looking to buy a chrome rear grab with taillight bracket like the one in the picture thanks
  4. diggers

    Looking for a briggs 5hp hooker header

    Looking for a briggs hooker header for a 5hp let me know what u have thanks
  5. diggers

    Need a Harrison wildcat rear metal fender

    Looking for a rear Harrison metal fender in nice shape thanks
  6. diggers

    My kits by Heald collection

    Here’s my Heald products the bronc is a work in progress I lost interest in been sitting as a roller for yrs
  7. diggers

    HELP!! Need info for Heald hauler brochures literature pics

    Working on a Heald hauler and it has a factory mounted plow setup I have the controls but no plow hookups and was wondering if anybody had any literature, brochures, or pictures of there plow setup I’d really appreciate the info and help thanks
  8. diggers

    6” tristars with new tires and tubes

    Have a pair of 6” tristars a little dirty but should clean up nice $100 plus the ride
  9. diggers

    Lil Indian back tracker

    Here is a rare back tracker I say rare as I haven’t seen many of them. It has a h50 on it runs great ready to ride asking &1100 obo willing to box and ship located in Michigan 48413
  10. diggers

    Original lil Indian metal clutch guard

    Lil Indian clutch guard in good shape no dents $365 shipped PayPal friends and family or add the fees thanks
  11. diggers

    NOS Tecumseh 1/2 tank bonanza

    Have a new old stock Tecumseh 1/2 tank with brackets $175 shipped PayPal as friends or family or add the fees tganks
  12. diggers

    4:20 friendly minibike
  13. diggers

    Super Bronc vt10 throttle linkage

    Hello having issues with this style throttle setup not sure if the rod is correct or not. any help is greatly appreciated thanks
  14. diggers

    Kits by Heald YardBronc TR-10 lawnmower

    Well I started and almost finished the yard Bronc riding mower here are a bunch of pics of the progress and situations I ran into along the way to bring it back to life.....
  15. diggers

    In need of a build sheet for a Heald hauler mark 4 with a cab

    Just like the title says need a 3x5 build sheet for it and help would be greatly appreciated thanks
  16. diggers

    Owosso trike 800 rebuild

    I picked this trike up like 3mi from my house in an old barn and I’m fixing it up. My plan was to go with a 13hp electric start Honda with a stage one but it won’t fit the body without heavy modifications and I don’t wanna cut the body or frame so going with a 7hp clone with electric start. My...
  17. diggers

    Heald Yard Bronc Kits by Heald Lawnmower

    Well here’s a weird cool story I went to pick up a couple minibikes from this guy a lil Indian and a Heald vt5. Well I get there to find the Heald was toast it was rough and we started bull crapping about minibikes then guys like I have a Heald mower I’m like they didn’t make one he’s like well...
  18. diggers

    Universal chain clutch guard

    I have a universal clutch guard for sale $40 + $10 for shipping PayPal as a friend or add the fees. Thanks
  19. diggers

    Lil Indian Sabre

    Picked up this lil Indian Sabre pretty much complete even with the 2spd