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  1. ugmold

    5hp Briggs with up draft carb, looking for carb or gaskets

    Hi folks. I picked up an old Sears Craftsman Generator with a 5hp Briggs carrying the numbers: 150 12 0105 01 90041007 So I know it is a 5hp, and looks like it was made in 1990. It will run, started up with a splash of gas. Updraft Carb is very dirty. Tried to save the bowl gasket, ripped. So...
  2. ugmold

    Video: Gomas Minibike Massacre #11 June 25, 2022 Wareham, MA

    Gomas Minibike Massacre #11 June 25, 2022 Wareham, MA
  3. ugmold

    Goma's Minibike Massacre 11 June 25th 2022 Wareham, MA

    I am not coordinating this event, but do a video every year of it Good time.
  4. ugmold

    Tecumseh H70 aftermarket piston ring direction

    I have an H70 I got free, came with a new aftermarket piston, rod and rings. There are no instructions on the installation of the rings (rings were in a sealed package, not tapered with). The oil ring had no bevels, nor did it have the wavy inner ring I am accustomed to. So I put that on as is...
  5. ugmold

    Gomas Minibike Massacre #10 - West Wareham, MA. June 26, 2021

    Gomas Minibike Massacre #X. 45N Carver Rd, West Wareham, MA. June 26, 2021 Surprised nobody posted this. I'm not running the Event but do videos every year. Always a Great Time.
  6. ugmold

    HS50 bottom dead center issue?

    I did another post on this engine but hopefully can be more specific here. When my HS50 hits bottom dead center there is considerable movemnt of the crank before the piston moves again, the result is hard to pull start and breaking keys. The bottom dead center issue is shown here, cue'd up on...
  7. ugmold

    HS40 piston arrow direction

    I picked up an HS40, had a split flywheel key. Replaced, hard pulling the rope, but started, sounded good, and stopped, another flywheel key split. Took the engine apart and found the piston with an arrow pointing towards the valves.... I know my motorcycles pistons pointed forward, but my...
  8. ugmold

    HS40 55552L extended cam

    I picked up a Snapper snowblower freebie with an HS40 55552L on it. Found the cam broken in 2, trashed one tappet, chipped out a piece the inside cup where the cam sticks in (JB Weld it back on?) I am looking for a replacement camshaft. Now I'm not sure if this engine will be used for this...
  9. ugmold

    1970 Honda CT70 removing rattle can paint job to reveal original paint!

    Hi folks, I was working on my CT70 that has a rattle can paint job (painted over 20 years ago by PO) that is ugly and was thinking about doing a paint job. I had tried to get the paint off many years ago with less than spectacular results on the forks. So I decided to try again with a variety of...
  10. ugmold

    1962 Polaris Trail Tractor

    Not mine, ultra cool, never seen one before:
  11. ugmold

    Gomas Minibike Massacre Wareham, MA 2020 Date?

    So what is the date and is this going to happen?
  12. ugmold

    What is it?

    I picked this up today on CL. No name that I can see. Handlebars I think are bicycle, rear wheel looks Harbor Freight. Color is light purple-ish rust. Frame look straight, engine plate is loose. 2 cool home made fenders and 1 that looks original. Seat with frame, at the very least has been...
  13. ugmold

    1971 Trapper Trail Bike vintage minibike

    I've never seen one of these before. (not mine)
  14. ugmold

    Broncco jackshaft gear calculation

    I have a Broncco Diablo (I think) Minibike that has long lost it's original engine/setup. It has a small cradle with a steel plate for a motor mount (added by the PO). I've been pondering how to make this work as their is limited space for engine/jackshaft etc. Not enough room for a torque...
  15. ugmold

    Looking for a high profile (tall) rear tire for a 5 inch rim.

    I have a Manco Rim with a 60 tooth sprocket that is a bit tall for the tire, it will dig into the ground on a slight turn. The tire I have now is about 11 inches high, would be nice to get 13-14 inch height. Any ideas?
  16. ugmold

    Minibike Throwdown #40 at Rice O Rama Sept 7, 2019 Spencer, MA

    Looking for more info about the Minibike Throwdown the night before Rice-O-Rama swap meet. I've been going to the swap meet for years but never the Minibike races the night before. So, is it organized racing? About how long does it last? Camping ok? Parking ok? I was thinking of possibly...
  17. ugmold

    VIDEO: Goma's Minibike Massacre #9 June 2019 Wareham, MA

    Hi folks. I just finished up editing the remarkable Event that happens every year at Goma's Minibike Massacre #9 June 2019 Wareham, MA. I'm please watch.
  18. ugmold

    5" Manco Wheel Rear 72 tooth Sprocket #35

    I bought a 72 tooth sprocket. 6 hole for my 5 inch Manco rear wheel. The problem is the sprocket is nearly as big as the tire! (lol, didn't consider that) So I think I need to at least drop to a 60 tooth, maybe 54. It will effect the gear ratio I realize, but I don't know what else I can do, a...
  19. ugmold

    Broncco Renegade(?) swap meet pickup

    Hi folks, Picked up a Broncco Minibike at the GreatWoods Swapmeet this weekend with the help of Gumpit (thanks bud). I know nothing about the Co, most info I have found is Were these made in the US? I know they had Italian engines (Garelli) plus...