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    made a bet and i need help lol

    Buy a lifan 125cc motor for 200 bucks throw it on your doodlebug and call it a day. You will win the bet and have a ridiculously fast mini. Win-win. :thumbsup: You could probably get a clone going faster than 50mph with the right gearing but you would sacrifice acceleration. Do you need to beat...
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    mini survival bike

    Yea i would like something that can contain a tool kit to work on the bike, a machete, fishing/trapping gear, extra gas, maybe a detachable head lamp, rope and tarp for shelter, first aid kit, flint, an alternator and battery would be cool. The grid's com in down!! Jump on your mini head for the...
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    mini survival bike

    has anyone done it?
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    chain vibrations

    thibault116 have you tried adjusting the alignment of the motor to see if it changes anything?
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    chain vibrations

    oh my bad dude haha i should have payed more attention
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    chain vibrations

    if your chain is vibrating then how do you know it worked perfect? also what about your clutch cover
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    Another stupid question

    there are some considerations to make if you plan on swapping the motor for a 6.5 clone. The clones won't fit unmodified in the new frame. You have to put on a header and intake because the stock muffler and air box don't fit with the new frame. I have the new style frame and i'm glad i have it...
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    frame flex question for 6.5hp converts

    MB165 i believe you said you are running the stock engine is that correct?
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    chain vibrations

    The best thing to do would be to re-align it. Even though you used a laser you still could have made some error. I'd say re-align it and see if you notice a difference that way you can figure out if the problem is chain alignment or a problem with the clutch. Besides its pretty easy to do and...
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    6.5 baja heat minibob "black betty"

    i love this minibob. I suggest painting it matte black and putting a big headlight on it. that would be sick.... are you going to put a header on?
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    chain vibrations

    btw its trial and error for aligning these chains. Last time I remounted my motor on my doodlebug I threw the chain over and over until I got it just right.
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    chain vibrations

    this is not the right section for asking questions "project logs" is where you show off your project. ask this question in the doodlebug minibikes section of general minibike talk. It's annoying to be looking for project write ups and run into all these noob questions. We don't mind helping but...
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    Starting Rupp Continental Project

    dude screw a 3.5 its not worth it... all you have to do is mount the clutch backwards that way you can move the motor another inch or two to the left. The fit looks about like my new style db30 with the harbor freight motor and balance and foot placement isn't an issue for me. Trust me just...
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    Honda clone swap

    this should be posted under doodlebug minibikes not project log. this forum is for documenting projects not asking questions. that said you should be able to slide and the engine around until you get it lined up
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    daily drivers

    here's mine:
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    Doodle Bug DB30

    nice mini. I like the key switch. I want to do the same on mine but I guess it really doesn't do much for security as it would be pretty easy to bypass the switch if you wanted to hot wire it. I painted my motor black too, but its looking pretty bad now after a few minor gas spills (before I...
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    Help! crankshaft play

    well buckeye you know your stuff. and I was making things harder than they needed to be. no messed up bearing just a bent metal cover. A stick probably pushed it bending it into the flywheel. flimsy ass cover. All i gotta do is bend or cut that cover out of the way and put everything back...
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    Homemade cylinder gas tank.

    nice looking tanks. I need one myself. Haven't decided weather to make one or buy one. I don't have welding equipment so I might have to buy one but I was thinking it would be cool to use a mini hieneken keg.
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    Help! crankshaft play

    Yea I will check for oil leakage when I take the wheel off, but there is no way to bend the metal as It is already up against the block. The flywheel is definitely not right. Idk if it is the bearing but Idk what else could make the flywheel go crooked like that.
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    Help! crankshaft play

    Ok I got some footage for you guys. Its hard to see with the flywheel on but I cant find my 7/8 socket so I haven't been able to get it off yet. Here's a link to a video series that deals with the same problem on an old Briggs: Hallaran's Channel - YouTube The problem is that the bearing...