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    Bride of Frankenstein - a cure for leftover parts cluttering the workshop.

    Nice job! It certainly doesn't look homemade!
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    Bonanza briggs throttle

    Its a replacement carb. EBay carbs (no matter the application) often seem to run lean. My honda 3 wheeler carbs were lean from the start.
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    Anybody have a shutdown routine?

    I usually let it idlle for a bit before I shut it down. If it something I don't see myself using for a few weeks after I park something, then I will run the carb dry.
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    What brand is the trike?

    Never knew Dynamark got into the Minibike business! Apparently, according to the original flyer, these things would go up to 55mph. Awesome trike man!
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    Arctic Cat Screamer Exhaust

    That would be cool! wish I had one of those bikes though, I think it would be kinda cool, fast as all get out, and also to be able to joke about having a "Mopar powered minibike!" :p
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    Briggs and Stratton intek 206 ohv throttle setup question

    Here's the setup. Box stock and all original. It was bought new for a husqvarna tiller in 2006, and later installed on a wizard. I bought a New plug, air filter, and new coil coming in the mail. I may or may not add billet parts later. If I spend for the billet parts, I would might as well...
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    Briggs and Stratton intek 206 ohv throttle setup question

    Most likely, I will retain the Governor. I had thought on bypassing it, and/or using a mikuni clone. However, as from what some on here say, If I bypass it, I would need a billet flywheel and connecting rod. Doing that would cost about as much as a brand new Predator Ghost. If it came down to...
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    not many builds with briggs inteck 6.5 ohv's.

    Im working on an intek build myself. it's a 1973 Sears Runabout with a 6.5 HP Briggs Intek I/C .
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    Briggs 206 Intek OHV lighting coil

    Is their any way to add lighting to a Briggs and Stratton 6.5HP intek 206? I know Tecumsehs and flathead briggs ,as well as the rider mower engines are avalible with lighting coils, yet is there one for the 6.5 Hp model? (Engine Model 141322-0036-E2) If not, any other suggestions for...
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    HS50 Governor / Throttle question

    Never seen one in blue, but I did see a forest green tecumseh on a Coleman Generator from the 1980s. I wonder If john Deere ever used a green colored tec? the only John Deeres I ever seen with tecs were black. Tecumseh's parent company, lauson did use green on many of their 1940's and 50's...
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    Picked up this front fork. Any idea what its from?

    Yeah, they are the original risers, and they do have an "A" stamped onto them. So it's from an Alsport. Cool! Thanks! Now to find something to put it on!
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    Briggs and Stratton intek 206 ohv throttle setup question

    I am currently setting up a Briggs 206 intek for a 1973 Sears runabout minibike. I have a twist throttle setup from a motorized bicycle, and I was wondering how would I best set up the throttle on this motor? Should I buy a mikuni?
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    briggs CR and XR 950

    Briggs still makes some engines in the USA. such engines will have an american flag on the side of the starter cover. A lot of their engines are indeed made in china these day though. Didn't think they had a clone engine in their lineup, but they might. If so, it's Probably heavily modified so...
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    3.0HP B&S Engine

    August 1966. nice vintage!
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    Bird wren build

    Well, I have been slowly working on it, as time allows, and as the parts I ordered come in. I have cleaned up the engine for the most part, and repainted the cover. I have it mocked up in this pic, to give me an idea of how it will go together.
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    Comment by 'Degoragon' in media 'Freaks'

    Say, has anyone here built one of those minibikes from the old Mechanix Illustrated plans? That would be neat to see. I have never seen one of those built.
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    Picked up this front fork. Any idea what its from?

    I picked up this Mini bike front fork from a swap meet. It does have some numbers stamped on it , but I don't have any idea on manufacturer. What do you think?
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    not many builds with briggs inteck 6.5 ohv's.

    You can still find bargains sometimes. I usually do pretty good at swap meets. Not somuch with complete bikes, but you can often find rollers and frames for a bargain I bought a vintage sears frame last month for $40.
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    Bird wren build

    Good, 5 feet will be plenty then. also, that is tempting, but maybe down the road. For now, I will see how she does with the Briggs.