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  1. ERIC B.

    What is the Best sprocket combo for a db30 with stock predator 212 ?

    I currently have a 70 tooth rear sprocket on the stock db30. Installing a predator stock 212. What are the best clutch tooth / rear sprocket combinations? Thank you
  2. ERIC B.

    Doodlebug restoration step by step progress pictures

    Started out with this:
  3. ERIC B.

    Original Doodlebug decals here

    Hey, I figured I would do my best to salvage and document the decals off my original doodlebug db30 in case anybody needs them for an original restoration before these decals are lost forever.... I will try to clean them up better on microsoft paint later on..
  4. ERIC B.

    Doodlebug db30 build advice needed

    Hi everybody, I'm new here and have a few questions. I just got a stock db30 used on c.l. for 100 bucks. Im looking to tear it apart and put a 212cc predator on it. I already bought the engine and the mounting plate. Should I put a clutch on it? If so how many teeth? Should I put a torque...