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  1. topblissgt User Map No Longer Works

    cinnaminson NJ here
  2. topblissgt

    What mini bike can I buy new right now?

    local tractor supply stores have the same mini bikes as the Theisen has.
  3. topblissgt

    Oley PA Mini Bike Show Swap and Ride May 8,9th 2020

    Windbur was canceled too
  4. topblissgt

    Oley PA Mini Bike Show Swap and Ride May 8,9th 2020

    we went last year and was so stoked to go again this year and was gonna drag race our mini bike there.. but i guess not :(
  5. topblissgt

    Post your cars!

    Atco. :)
  6. topblissgt

    Bikes with Cars

    Thanks bud. The torino is one of 26 white with black interior. The judge is one of 12 found in the world in that color
  7. topblissgt

    Retro Baja Build

    what did you do to install those longer pegs on it? Here is my DB30
  8. topblissgt

    RLV VS. $6 Chinese hot dog muffler.

    I have a header and rejetted Tillotson PK1b carb on a predator 212 and wanted to let you know the sound difference in db of the two mufflers for those who were wondering. Open header idle- 101 db Open header WOT- 120 db Hot dog idle- 95 db Hot dog WOT- 113 db RLV idle- 98 db RLV WOT- 120 db...
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    Bikes with Cars

    Heres my submissions.
  10. topblissgt

    Post your cars!

    Thank you, Tom
  11. topblissgt

    Am guessing this is a DB 30 chassis from around 2000 or so ??

    Yep. Here is mine with a 212 pred stage 1, juice brake, and a moto front suspension.
  12. topblissgt

    Post your cars!

    Here is our 100% number match 55k mile 69 Judge in Warwick blue(11 found) and our 71 Torino GT conv, ram air 4 speed, one of 26 and our Sons 86 Grand National with ultra rare astroroof from the factory
  13. topblissgt

    The Gray Goat Garage at 8pm tonight!

    Watch it every week. Even got a question right this week.
  14. topblissgt

    Top Speed

    I got mine to to 39 and it was still accelerating hard. I was going so fast, I would barely see with the wind
  15. topblissgt

    Db30r question

    Just the right amount of up and down and front to back engine placement on the frame. Took a while
  16. topblissgt

    Arnold Hot Dog Muffler Sucks!

    I wire brushed mine and pained it high heat silver.
  17. topblissgt

    Perkiomen Minibike & Scooter Meet (PA) May 10/11

    20 mins?? Shame on you. We came almost 2 hours
  18. topblissgt

    Predator 212

    a pic of the throttler linkage would help
  19. topblissgt

    Perkiomen Minibike & Scooter Meet (PA) May 10/11

    The event was a blast! We had a great time and the place was packed! The racing was so fun to watch